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I looked at myself in the mirror of the changing room at the swimming pool. I was thirty, chubby, shoulder length brown hair, small boobs and a big bum. I was wearing a black one-piece bikini as I would never wear a two piece like the other women. The Dr said I needed more exercise which is why I came here even though I’m not a good swimmer.

I didn’t have anyone to come swimming with and I’ve been single my entire life. I was contemplating putting my clothes back on and going home but I told myself to go out to the pool. I had come early afternoon because I thought it would be quiet. It was as there were only a handful of people in and around the pool. I went to the shallow end and climbed down the ladder into the pool. I awkwardly swam a few widths then rested with just my head above the water next to the side of the swimming pool.

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I saw a lady swimming lengths. She was chubby but a good swimmer. As she finished a length she stopped at the end of the swimming pool, turned around and smiled at me as she saw me looking. I blushed and looked down but I could see her swim towards me out of the corner of my eye. She stopped near me and rested. I looked at her and she smiled again so I smiled back. She was probably in her early forties with long black hair. “I’m Norma” said the lady. “Hi I’m Amanda” I replied. “Quiet here today” she said. “I’m glad as less people to look at me” I replied. “You look beautiful to me” said Norma and I blushed again.

I felt a hand on my thigh and looked down. It was Norma’s. I looked at her shocked but she smiled and stroked my thigh. I wanted to move her hand away but it felt really nice. She moved her hand around to my bum and massaged my bum cheek. I could feel my pussy getting wet and it wasn’t from the pool. Then she moved her hand back around to the front and slid it under my bikini and onto my hairy mound. Her fingers went through my hair as she worked her hand onto my pussy lips. I moaned quietly as she rubbed them. Looking around I could see no one was watching. She was rubbing faster and I had to put a hand onto the side of the wall to steady myself. Norma then worked a finger inside my pussy and pushed it in deep. I tried to stifle my moan as it felt wonderful. She began to thrust it in and out quite fast and my body began to tremble. Norma didn’t stop even when I moaned and came to a thunderous orgasm all over her finger. I was breathless as I looked around again to see if anyone had heard me moan. No one appeared to have. I looked at Norma who smiled, took her finger out of my pussy then slid her hand out. “Nice to meet you Amanda” she said then she swam to the ladder and climbed out before walking to the changing room.

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I remained in the pool thinking about how wet my pussy felt now and how happy I was. I then swam to the ladder, climbed out and went to the changing room. When I got there Norma was gone. I quickly showered with no one else in there and when I washed my pussy I thought of Norma. I dried, dressed and left the building. I hope I meet her again I thought to myself as I walked home.

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