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Adam was sat in the dinning room of the bed and breakfast where his family were staying for the weekend, his parents had gone out for the night and his younger sister Amy was in her room watching telly. Tina the owner’s daughter who at sixteen was the same age as Adam was in the kitchen making tea, Adam could see Tina through a gap in the poorly fitting tea and when Tina’s boyfriend Mark walked up behind her and slid his hands up the inside of Tina’s tee shirt Adam thought lucky bastard, and when Mark lifted Tina’s tee shirt up over her head and off exposing her naked tits, Adam smiled thinking do not stop get her shorts off as well. Adam watched in awe as Adam licked and sucked Tina’s very erect nipples, then when Tina’s shorts fell to the floor Adam thought cool and when Tina undid Mark’s joggers and his seven inch erection sprung out, the bi sexual Adam thought now I know why this place is nicknamed the porn palace and text his sister who was soon sat beside Adam watching the now naked Tina and Mark as they snogged, Amy reached down and rubbed Adam’s crutch saying his cock is not as big as yours as she did then started to undo his jeans, Mark lifted Tina and sat her on the work top bent forward and started to lick her pussy, Amy had now got Adam’s jeans open and was slowly stroking his nine inch solid cock. Adam heard a voice call out “wow that is fucking massive” looked round and saw Tina’s younger sister Sara stood looking at him and Amy, Adam just smiled, Sara walked into the kitchen and not long after a still naked Tina walked into the dinning room looked at Adam and said “she is right you have a massive cock” Adam looked at Tina’s smooth shaved pussy and replied I can see just the place to put it, Sara then walked into the dinning room now fully naked with Mark behind her rubbing her bum as they walked, Amy stood and walked out of the room, Tina and Sara then started to strip Adam, it was not long before Adam was naked and Tina stroking his throbbing cock while Adam was sucking Sara’s nipples and rubbing her bum at the same time, after a few minutes Tina pulled Adam to his feet saying lets go upstairs as she did, as they went Adam saw Amy’s tee shirt laying on the floor then her jeans and when he was taken into a room with a large bed in the middle of the room he saw Amy laying naked on the bed groaning as Mark pounded into her pussy, after pushing Adam onto the bed Tina an Sara climbed onto the bed and in a very short time Tina was sucking Adam’s cock while Sara was sucking Amy’s very erect nipples. Adam lay enjoying the blow job and was soon squirting cum into Tina’s mouth.

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To be continued…

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