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( She said ) sorry, a women is waiting for you ” and I left the bed to see her as I can see Cathy aunty sitting on sofa, she smiled as we both hugged each other and then I asked Ruksana ” so what you need aunty

( She said ) nothing only a glass of water, I am too exhausted as I need…. ” And Ruksana moved to kitchen as I hold aunt’s luggage and moved to guest room, soon aunty came there as she was looking gorgeous in her blue colour jeans with a V necked shirt, she came inside room as hold me in her arms to kiss, I put my hand on her buttocks as put my lips on her lips and her soft boobs are on my chest as I was kissing her face to lips, soon she pushed me as started removing her shirt and my eyes are on her breast as she pulled down her jeans only. A lady with height of 5’5 inches and figure in good shape, her breasts are in brassieres as her vagina is in panty, now I pushed her on bed as she gets laid and then smiled on me ” oh Garry, I need refreshment then body massage ” as she moved inside washroom, so I walked out of her room and then inside kitchen I can see Ruksana preparing meals for us ” Ruksana

( She turned back ) yes

( I smiled ) she is my younger aunty as she loves chicken butter masala

( She said ) sir it’s 07:45 pm as who will buy chicken now ” and I said ” I will buy ” as I put my jeans and shirts, starts my bike and ride towards shopping complex where chicken are available, so I came there and ordered for raw chicken as walked towards a wine shop and there I bought a bottle of wine, after half an hour I was back as I gave Ruksana chicken to prepare and then moved towards aunty’s room, room was dark with a night bulb on as I can see Cathy sleeping ” aunty are you sleeping

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( She opened her eyes ) no my son, anything special for me ” I sits near her legs as she is in night gown and starts rubbing her legs with my hands lifting her gown as she asked ” Garry I have enjoyed my journey as have drinks also but I want it more

( I put my hand on her thighs as I was rubbing it ) sure I have bought a bottle of wine as maid is preparing chicken also, so want drink first or my massage ” she sits on bed as I moved towards her and now she put her hand on my neck as kissed my lips, I was crazy as I swallows her lips to suck and my one hand was on her milky breast, soon Cathy pushed her tongue in my mouth as I starts sucking it while squeezing her breast on gown, my penis starts erecting as both are enjoying french kiss and as I found robes I opened it to put my hand inside her gown, no brassieres on it as I was squeezing her breast hard and our saliva are mixing to make us feel hot, lastly she pushed my face and took out her tongue ” Garry now you are a perfect guy, so remove my clothes and massage it properly ” and then she get laid on bed as I took out her night gown to make Cathy nude, my hands are on her breast to thighs as she asked ” put some oil on my body as I can get massage ” and then I took out a bottle of olive oil.

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Cathy is on bed as she is nude with a panty only on her vagina, I just leaned on her and starts kissing her face to lips, Cathy puts her hand on my back and as my face was on her breast, she hold it to push it in my mouth and I swallows her half of breast as my other hand is rubbing her breast, she holds my hair as starts screaming ” oh aah Garry suck it suck suck hard ” and then I left her breast as I hold other one’s to suck, she starts rubbing her legs on bed as her hand is on my waist and then I left her breast as sits beside her, pulled down my shorts and now my lips are on her tummy to waist as she holds my cock to jerk ” your cock is growing like a big one ” and I hold her thighs to make it wide, she smiled ” son it’s your massage or sexual desires

( I said ) Cathy you know I will massage your cunt with my long cock and you will get pleasure ” and now I put a pillow under her waist as her reddish vagina is clean and shaved, I put my lips on it to kiss but soon pushed my tongue in her vagina to lick, she is a married woman with a son and daughter as her flexible vagina has given me ample space to lick it and she is in pleasure ” aah uh yes Garry fuck fuck fuck me my son ” as I was rolling my tongue in her soft vagina, my cock is in full erection and soon I left it to move to washroom. I came back as I sits on bed and Cathy sits infront of me as she hold my cock to kiss, soon she swallows it to suck as she leaned her face down with her butts up, so I hold her breast to squeeze as my other hand is on her butts, rubbing it and then pushes my finger in her vagina as she is giving me a nice blowjob ” aah oh Cathy suck suck it I will fuck your ass also ” and Cathy a matured lady is giving me a hard blowjob as I am fingering her vagina and squeezing her breast, lastly she left my penis as walked to washroom and as maid Ruksana is in kitchen I put my shorts to see her as I can see her preparing chicken and looking at me she asked ” rice or chapati sir

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( I said ) both, prepare it as I am going to talk with my aunty. ” What happened next…

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