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( I smiled ) your massage but as soon as mom will be there I will leave you and then

( Cathy ) you are such a coward, let her come and I will reveal the truth of our relationship ” I sits on bed as she removed her night gown and get laid, so I hold the bottle of oil as starts putting it on her body from chest to waist and then my both palm is rubbing her soft body as I can see her face getting reddish and Cathy is breathing heavily with her legs crossed, so it’s the period when lady feels orgasm or my hand is giving her a nice pleasure, now her upper part of body is oily as I starts putting oils on her thighs to legs and my hands are rubbing it hard as I can hear her sexy voice ” aah uh oh it’s nice ” and my cock is in erection inside shorts as I put my fingers inside her vagina to make it cum. Cathy is looking gorgeous as she is in fire with her hand on my cock to jerk and soon her cunt become wet as I put my tongue in it to lick, it tastes bitter but I licked it and then I asked her ” Cathy turn your back and lean downwards as I can massage your ass ” , she left me and it’s 09:00 pm as I was waiting for mom but I wasn’t scared of being caught with Cathy as my mom know it and now Cathy is on bed as she leaned downwards, her round dome shaped butts as well as soft thighs are making me crazy, now I leaned on her as my lips starts kissing her back and I was kissing her back to waist fast as I was dying for fuck and she is ” aah oh uh Garry fuck fuck me soon ” , I know put fingers in her ass hole as it’s dry as well as hot and then starts pouring oils on her back from neck to waist as I was fingering her anus hole, lastly I put oils on her thighs as I took out my finger from her ass hole, now my tongue is licking her anus as she is screaming in pleasure ” aaah uh um it’s itchy Garry fuck me ” and I was licking her ass hole fast, soon I heard mom’s voice as I took out my tongue from her ass hole and put my shorts, so Cathy looks at me ” Garry please fuck me where are you going

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( I smiled ) go and have bath as we will enjoy after an hour. ” As I left her room to see my mom Louise going inside her room and as my cock was in full erection, I slept on bed to have some rest and after sometime I heard mom’s voice ” Garry where are you

( I replied ) I am here mom ” and mom came in my room as she is in her night gown, I sits on my bed as her eyes are on my bulge of penis and she sits near me ” so your aunt Cathy came here in the evening

( I said ) yes I was surprised to see her

( Mom laughed ) you are not so innocent, your mouth is giving me smell as Cathy is also inside washroom

( I smiled ) oh mom, she is having bath and what’s going on your mind

( Mom ) I know it, anyhow Ruksana will leave soon then will you enjoy with us tonight ” I kissed my mom’s lips as hold her breast to squeeze and she left me ” you dirty guy ” as I followed her but moves inside guest room and mom is inside kitchen, I can see Cathy in a pink colour short length dress which is keeping her upper thighs in secret and then she sits on bed ” Garry your mom has idea about our sexual act

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( I said ) let her know aunty, after getting divorced she is a lady wants young guy more

( Mom came inside ) Garry go and close the main door as we will enjoy drinks in dining hall ” as I do it and then, mom and Cathy are sitting on sofa as they are preparing drinks and I sits infront of them as Louise asked ” Garry you have given your aunt body massage

( I was bit shy ) yes mom why

( She said ) come near me as both have to play a night with you ”

In dinning hall, we three are sitting as we hold glasses and then ‘cheers for now’, starts drinking wine and I can see Cathy looking at me as mom took out a cigarette and lit it to smoke ” so Cathy I know your relationship with Garry

( Cathy ) sure he is a young guy as we both have enjoyed earlier on also but Louise what’s about you

( She smiled ) you know it as we both are also in a sexual relationship ” and as we finished our drinks, Louise hold my shorts as she pulled it down and Cathy is but shocked but soon she sits beside me as mom is holding my cock and Cathy kissed my face ” suck your son’s cock

( Louise kissed me ) sure but on bed ” as we three are on bed, slept on it as mom hold my cock to kiss it and Cathy sitting near my face is rubbing my chest as I put my hand in her dress, touched her vagina on panty and Cathy looking at my mom removed her dress as sits on my face ” Louise now I will pee in your son’s mouth ” and mom swallows my cock in her mouth to suck as I can see Cathy’s vagina, now put my tongue on it as she opened it with crossed fingers and while holding her waist I starts licking her vagina as Louise is sucking my cock, my hands have hold Cathy’s breast as she is ” aah uh oh it’s in fire need your fuck Garry

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( Mom took out my cock ) sure Cathy, I want to see my son fucking a lady ” and then Cathy left my face as Louise is sitting near my face, it’s a different way where both matured lady are dying for my love and soon Cathy is on her knees as I was sitting infront of her butts, hold my cock and pushed it in her vagina as it’s a wet hole, then slowly starts fucking her vagina as Cathy turned her face ” don’t be so slow fuck me hard dear ” and I was holding her waist as my penis was fucking her vagina as it’s a wider hole but it’s a sexy one, Cathy starts swinging her butts and we both are enjoying sex… Her butts are hitting my waist and soon my penis poured cum in her vagina and our sexual desires comes to an end.

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