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As an only child living with his mom they were very close. But he had entered puberty very early in life and his hormones were like a raging river. At every chance he got he would take out his magnificent member and spill his copious cream. He could not resist the temptation when it was presented to him one Friday night.

Mom was a gorgeous voluptuous, she had long lustrous wavy brunette hair, stood 5 foot 8 inches tall, had flawless fair complexion and very firm DD cup breasts that were the object of his lust as well as that dark thatch between her legs. Mom was no fool and had noticed his cum stained sheets and underpants.

She had also found numerous pairs of her panties in the laundry basket every week, which she knew she had not worn that week. They were always stiff and smelt of his sperm. Mom thought he was just a normal, if somewhat over-active, freshly pubescent boy.

This Friday night was one of a wild summer storm and they were staying home to watch TV. They were both in their bedclothes. Mom had on a mid-thigh length see-through summer nightie, although she was not aware as to how see through it was. She did not realise that her dark areolas and nipples were clearly visible through the lace of her nightie. Neither did she know that her generous dark pubic thatch was clearly visible to the hungry gaze of her son.

He just had on his shortie pyjamas with his pyjama top fully unbuttoned because of the muggy summer night. His pyjama shorts had a loose button-free fly at the front for ease of access to his fat young cock.

Mom said she had a headache and asked him to get her a headache tablet and a sleeping pill as well as a cup of tea. He went to the kitchen and a made the tea for his mom. He then got the tablets. He put the headache tablets to the side with a glass of water and crushed the sleeping tablet into the tea, as his mom preferred.

But, instead of just one sleeping tablet (which was always enough for his mom) he crushed up two tablets as his clever little mind was now at the mercy of his huge virgin cock. Mom thanked him with a kiss on the cheek and a little cuddle and he was rewarded with a full view of her dark areola and large erect nipples as she leant forward to.

He returned to the other lounge facing slightly away from her. His massive young cock emerged hard and oozing pre-cum and he just looked at it and gave it a soft stroke every now and then when mom was not looking.

Within 10 minutes mom said she was tired and was off to bed. He quickly covered his huge erection as mom bent over him and gave him a good night kiss. He was rewarded with another view of her tits as they almost spilled out of her nightie and he managed to have an ‘accidental’ feel of them as they briefly hugged.

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Ten minutes later he turned the TV off went to his mother’s bedroom. She had collapsed on top of the bed and gone into a deep sleep. One of her DD cup milk jugs had fully escaped the confines of her loose nightie and was on full display to her son’s lustful gaze. She was flat on her back and her legs were apart. Her nightie had rid up her thighs to be at her crutch and a small tuft of her pubic thatch was showing. Her son slipped his pyjamas off quickly.

He had a fine athletic physique and handsome features for a teenage boy. But there was nothing feminine about what hung between his legs. He had balls that would do a bull proud and his cock, now only partly erect swung like a fat 8-inch policeman’s baton.

He crept onto the bed and lifted his mother’s nightie, pushing the front up until it bunched at her waist. He gazed in awestruck lust at his mother’s massive and gorgeous chestnut coloured thatch. He lay down between her legs and parted that thick bush gently with his fingers to reveal engorged pussy lips and an erect clit, fat like a little cock. He lowered his soft full mouth and began to feast on this wet hairy entrance to her tunnel of pleasure.

He managed to push her thighs further apart and suck and kiss and taste and slobber his saliva all over his mother’s huge cunt. In fact his mom was one of those 1 women in 10,000 who have the massive protruding hairy cunt that is most accurately called a twat. Twats are the hairiest wettest cock loving cunts of all and his mom was blessed with a gorgeous massive hairy twat, which he was now eating with carnal delight.

He was now a young stallion about to serve his first mare, and like many stallions in the wild, his first mare was going to be his very own mother. He slid up her body and raised himself off her, a long thick strand of clear pre-cum swung obscenely from the end of his cock and landed on his mother’s wet pink slit and swollen cunt lips.

He reached over and slid her nightie off her shoulder and below her tits. Her huge DD cups were exposed to his full view. His lips closed around one fat nipple and he began to suckle on that lovely tit which he had not suckled on for years. His hands fondled both of those glorious udders, which wobbled erotically under his furious wanton sex crazed fondling.

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He had to mount her now. The time had come for him to spill his seed in his mother. He looked down to see her legs now spread wide with his thighs between hers. His fat pre-cum oozing cock head was just an inch from her wet hair surrounded slit.

He lowered himself and thrust in hard. All of his fat 8inch virgin cock slid inside the wet slippery tunnel of his mother. Incestuous cock and cunt embraced each other in a tight wet embrace for the first time. He felt his mother’s thick thatch tickling his balls for the first time in his life. He wriggled into her harder and his thick pubic thatch became entangled in her massive hairy thatch. They became just one huge wet throbbing hairy self-pleasuring sex organ. He had the desire to speak.

“I’m fucking you now mommy, I’m fucking you. My cock is inside you and I’m gonna fuck you real hard and cum inside your cunt mommy.” And with that he lunged for one of her huge tits and began to suckle on her with a fury whilst thrusting and plunging his fat incestuous cock in and out. The only sounds were that of his breast suckling and the sloppy sucking sounds of this young boy’s cock as it entered and withdrew from its place of origin.

He was riding her hard now, gripping the iron rails of the bed head for extra purchase.

“Fuck me hard son, fuck me harder, fuck me all night, fuck meeeeeee!”

His mother had not in fact drunk the drugged tea as she had seen him lace it and knew what his devious little cock dominated mind was planning and she wanted to be part of it. She had not had a man for about 2 years and had gotten several good glimpses of the massive cock of her son over the past year. She wanted to provide the first receptacle for that magnificent virgin cock.

There was no way she was going to let some other girl or woman sample this big hunk of cock before her. Besides, she had decided she wanted to have a second child and give her son a baby brother or sister. What better way than for him to father his own siblings.

He could not stop even if he had wanted to. If his mom had of woken up he would have raped her anyway (in some ways he had hoped she would wake up and protest). “Oh mom, oh mom, I’ve wanted you so much, I’ve wanted you so much” he gasped.

“I know baby, I know, so now you got it, you’ve got it now.”

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“What have I got mommy, Mommy have I got, tell me,” he gasped, as the bed rocked with his savage thrusting.

“You’ve got my big hairy wet cunt baby and you’ve got my huge tits to suck, that’s what you’ve got baby. Would you like my titties to fill up with milk too baby.”

“Oh yes mom, fill them up with milk, fill them for me please.”

“Well baby, you’ll have to fill my cunt with your spermy spunk and make a baby in me. Can you do that sweetie?”

“Oh yes mom, I can do that, I’ll fill you up now momma. I’ll fill you up now, arrrrgghhhh… Oooohhhh,” and with that his virgin cock spurted its first load of incestuous semen, spurt after spurt of thick creamy incestuous semen into his mother.

His spurts were so powerful. Hot and thick that she felt each warm rope of sperm as it gushed into her fertile cunt. “That’s it baby, fill up mommy, fill up your mommy with your lovely white pure boy-cum, make a baby in mommy’s cunt. Mommy’s cunt is yours now baby, anytime you want it I’ll just lift my dress and give it to you.”

“Oh mom, I love your cunt, it’s so big and hairy, it is so lovely and I love your titties mom, I just want to suck you forever.”

“Every day baby, every day. From now on momma will give you her body for your pleasure every morning, every lunchtime, every afternoon after school and every night. Mommy wants you to fondle her and fuck her 4 times every day.”

And that is what they did. They could not keep their hands and mouths off each other.

When he came home after school from then on she would be waiting for him just inside the front door with just a loose dress on and no underwear. His cock would always be in full erection by the time he got off the school bus.

Upon closing the front door she would grab him, go down on her knees and whip out that hard boy cock and suck it into her hungry mouth. Their first fuck in the afternoon would always be on the floor in the hall just inside the front door, as they could never last long enough to hold off for the bedroom.

Her breasts grew to an enormous EE with her pregnancy and she began lactating 2 months before the birth. She produced 6 litres of sweet milk every day, 2 litres for baby and 4 litres for him, her first baby. Later they moved overseas and changed names. Then they married and had many more healthy children.


by Lanka Cream

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