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We stopped at a corner bar and sat at a booth. Mom ordered wine and I got a coke. We just talked for a while but then a man put a quarter in the jukebox and played a slow song. He came to our booth and asked mom to dance. She accepted and they moved to the dance floor. I watched in embarrassment as the man put his hands on mom’s ass, pulling her against his crotch. When that song ended another started. A different man took over dancing and had his hands on her ass, but after a few seconds he moved one hand to her boobs.

I wished she would stop but she kept dancing. She was getting very drunk as the men kept buying her drinks.

It was closing time and the bar cleared out except the bartender, three men who had been fondling mom, mom and me.

The bartender said something to one of the men and the man walked to the door and locked it.

The bartender, named Joe, told the men, “strip her and lay her on a table. She’s been gagging for it all night.”

Mom was so drunk that she let them strip her! I just sat there stunned that she was being such a slut!

They laid her on the table and spread her legs. I was sitting where I could see her cunt, open and wet. I had never seen a cunt that close before.

I should describe my mom for you. She was about 40 pounds overweight at that time. Her boobs were huge and when she was on her back on the table they sagged to her sides, resting on the table top. Her belly was flabby and hung over her crotch. But in the position she was in I could see her cunt very clearly. She had dark black hair that was growing onto her thighs. With her legs spread wide I could see the inside of her cunt. It was dark red and glistening from her juices. I got a boner looking at it.

One of the men talked to the bartender. Then the bartender walked over to me and said,

“What do you say, kid? You wanna fuck your mom?”

I had a boner already and the bartender noticed the bulge, “hey kid, you’re already hard, I bet you never fucked before. Go ahead, she won’t object, she’s too drunk to care.”

I knew I shouldn’t do it but I really wanted to fuck her. I knew I wouldn’t get a chance again.

I stood up and dropped my pants and boxers. My cock stood up at an angle, 7 inches long.

One of the men said, “damn! Look at the cock on the kid!”


I stepped up to the table and pointed my cock at mom’s opening. She was looking to the side and when she felt my cock touch her cunt she jerked her head around and, seeing who it was, gasped, “oh god no! We can’t do this! Ohhhhhhhhhhhhh nooooooo!” She moaned as I pushed my cock all the way in!

The men cheered me on as I started to fuck my mom with long strokes!

They took their cocks out and one of them grabbed my mom’ head and pushed his cock into her mouth.

As my cock sank deep into her cunt I moaned as I felt the most intense feeling in my cock and loins.

“Oh god mom! It feels so good!”

She just mumbled around the cock in her mouth.

“That’s it kid, fuck your mom good! She’s just a slut! She’ll fuck anyone.”

The man with his cock in her mouth pulled out and spurted all over her face. His cum squirted onto her forehead and cheeks. He had a lot of cum and it ran off her cheeks, hanging in strands to the floor. Another man took his place just as I started to cum inside my mom!

“Oh fuck mom! I’m shooting my stuff in you!”

“Oh god no honey! I’m not protected! Please pull out!”

I couldn’t do it! It just came too quick.

When I finished I pulled out and my cum drooled out and hung to the floor.

The bartender replaced me, shoving his cock deep with one thrust.

“Ohhhhhhhhhhh god!” Mom moaned as he started fucking her.

The man in her mouth pulled out and like the other guy, started to spew his cum onto her already cum soaked face. When he finished, her face was covered in gooey white slime. The third man replaced him, shooting all over her face when he came.

I was hard again and put my cock in her mouth. She sucked and licked until I came in her mouth. She swallowed just as the bartender filled her cunt, causing her to orgasm.

They told me to help her dress and get her home. I helped mom get up and used a bar rag to wipe the cum from her face and thighs. We got her clothes on and I got her in the car.

When we got home I put her in bed then went to my room.

In the morning I smelled bacon and went to the kitchen. I didn’t know what to expect but when I sat down she didn’t say anything right away.

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Then she asked me, “what happened last night? I’m ashamed to say I can’t remember anything after I started to dance. But I’m kind of sore down there. Did the men do something with me?”

I turned beet red as the blood rushed to my face.

“Oh my god! They did do it to me! Oh god! Did you see it?”

I was so ashamed that I just hung my head.

“You did! You saw them do it! You didn’t stop them?”

“Uh mom, you really wanted it.”

“But I was drunk!” Then she looked at me shocked.

“Oh my god! Did you fuck me? Tell me!”

I looked at her with tears and just nodded.

“Oh honey, why?”

“I couldn’t help it! You were naked on a table and I’d never done it before. It felt really good.”

“And they all did it to me?”

“Well, just me and the bartender. The other three used your mouth.”

“Oh god! You must think I’m a real slut now!”

“Oh no mom! And I really liked doing it. Can we do it again?”

“Oh honey! We can’t! It was very wrong for us to do that, but I was drunk and you are not to blame for being a typical teenager. But we can’t do it again.”

I didn’t press the issue and we went about our day. I finished my yard work early in the afternoon and came into the house to get a cold drink. Mom was in the laundry room and when I passed she was bending over in front of the dryer. She was wearing tight yoga shorts that molded to her ample butt. I could see her camel toe as the shorts were wedged in her cunt and ass crack.

I couldn’t stop myself from getting behind her and grabbing her tits.

“Joey! You stop it right now! I told you we can’t do this ever again!”

“But mom, doesn’t it feel good?” I was rubbing my fingers across her nipples. She wasn’t wearing a bra and her nipples hardened as I tweaked them.

She instinctively pushed her ass back at me but still pleaded for me to stop, “Ohhhhhhhhhhhhh god honey! Please don’t do that! Ohhhhhhhhhhhhh god please!?!?”

I started to grind my cock into her crotch. She responded by moving her ass in a circle.

“Oh, damn you! Damn you! Just do it! Oh god, just fuck me!”

I yanked her shorts down and then mine. I lined my cock up to her very wet and ready cunt and pushed it in until my balls slapped against her crotch.

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“Ohhhhhhhhhhhh! Ohhhhhhhhhhhhh god Joey! Oh god! Your cock is so big and hard! Ohhhhhhhhhhhhh yes! Fuck me baby! Fuck mommy! Ohhhhhhhhhhhhh my god!” She kept moaning and telling me to fuck her harder. I couldn’t believe I was fucking her again! I was fucking my mother! And god, did it feel amazing! Her cunt was massaging my cock, making it hard for me to keep from cumming.

I twisted her nipples and she moaned, “oh god yes! Pinch them! Oh god I love it! I love your cock dammit! Are you happy now? I love fucking you!”

“Oh yeah mom! I’m very happy! I love you! I love fucking you!”

I was very close and held off as long as I could. Just when I couldn’t hold my orgasm any longer mom screamed, “Ohhhhhhhhhhhhh god! Oh! Oh! Oh! I’m cumming! Oh my god! Ohhhhhhhhhhhhh!”

That was more than I could take, “oh yes mom! I’m cumming too! Cumming inside you again! Ohhhhhhhhhhhhh yes!”

I started squirting long ropes of cum straight into her womb. I thought I would pass out from all the blood rushing to my cock as I just kept shooting my sperm deep into my mom’s cunt.

When I finally had no more cum to shoot I pulled out. My cum poured out of her, hanging from her open cunt in strands until it fell to the floor.

Mom stood and took me in her arms, “I should be angry with you for fucking me again but it felt so good and so right that I just loved it and love you more than ever.”

I kissed her then said, “does that mean we can fuck all the time now?”

She laughed and said, “yes honey, we can fuck all the time now!”

And so we did. Every chance we got. When dad was home we would fuck when he was out doing chores and when he was away we barely got dressed.

But the inevitable happened a few months later. Mom told me that she had missed her period. She got a pregnancy test and it tested positive. Since we were passed when she would have gotten pregnant from the bartender we knew it was my baby.

She had to tell dad but refused to say who the father was. I think he suspected the truth but had no evidence and just wanted to get a divorce.

We moved to a city far away and are living as husband and wife with two lovely children.

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