“How could you!” I screamed at my phone and was so mad I wanted to throw it on the ground and smash it. Only the fact that I’d worked all summer to pay for it kept me from doing just that.

“I’m sorry Randy, but it just kinda happened. I hope we can still be friends,” Jill said insincerely. I hung up on my girlfriend as rudely as I could, mashing the end button hard as if it made a difference. Ex-girlfriend, now that we had broken up. I hadn’t believed my friend who claimed he’d seen her making out with some stoner at a party that she went to alone while I was working, but when I asked her about it she actually came out and admitted it. In fact she even told me she’d slept with him and how she was trying to just build up the courage to break up with me for almost a week new. How do you ‘kinda just happen’ to fuck someone? Love at first sight is all just bullshit.

I know that loser will just fuck Jill, smoke dope, and not much more so my rage at her betrayal was mixed with evil glee that she would get what she deserved for cheating on me. But really I never figured Jill would do something like this since she had seemed happy to be dating me, but we were being responsible and waiting to have sex until we moved in together. Like the saying goes; it was the nice guy that always comes in last. God women are so frustrating! They always claim they want someone who treats them like a princess, but from my experience the guys they choose just lie, cheat, and fuck their heads and hearts up.

Maybe guys aren’t any different. With the girls I’ve dated I must like heartache and pain just as much. Why else would I keep giving my heart out to beautiful girls who rip it up, stomp on it, then set it on fire before leaving me. Before the last six months which I dated Jill there was Kris who had cheated on me with God knows how many guys over the year we platonically dated. I only found out when she had gotten pregnant. Even then I foolishly offered to marry her and support her baby, but she had the nerve to actually get offended by that. She told me I was just a chump and then drove off with some guy on a motorcycle, her long blonde hair whipping in the wind. I’ve not heard from her since.

It all started back with my first girlfriend in High School. My prom date actually went with me just so she could try and get back together with her ex and told me so, but I was just happy to have a girl on my arm for the first time. Lucky for her, her plan had worked. I can still see her curly blonde head going up and down in her ex’s lap at the back of the gym when I came back with her punch, and the look of utter delight on his face. But for me it was just going home alone with the added insult of also having to pay for a rental suit. Still somehow I believed Jill was different.

When I first meet her last year she was a dean’s list sophomore like me. She’d been unlike the cheerleaders I’d chased after before, a quiet nerdy girl with glasses and a four point oh grade point average. I thought I’d finally grown up to find a nice girl instead of letting my hormones guide my love life. She was plain, but could be really sexy when she wanted to be with her long blonde hair in pony tails and glasses. For six months we were a couple and until now I had no clue that we were in trouble. It left me in a real pissy mode when I walked in my house.

“Hi Honey, how was school?” Mom asked happily as she was washing dishes.

“I don’t want to talk about it,” I grumbled.

“Oh Honey,” Mom immediately came over to console me. She always seemed to be psychic when it came to why I was upset, so instantly asked, “Did you and Jill have a fight?”

“No, she is fucking a crack-head so we

fucking broke up!” I almost shouted disgusted. Then I was mad with myself for snapping at her as I dodged out of her grasp. My mom is a great person, always friendly and helpful to everyone, but she is also a hugger. She hugs everyone all the time, but for several years that had started making me uncomfortable because she also has very large soft tits. More than once I would get an inappropr

iate woody from one of her embraces and the last thing I wanted now was to be reminded of my virginity.

“Randy!” I heard my dad snap as he came into the room. “Apologize to your mother for that language.”

God damn it! I didn’t know Dad was home already. “I’m sorry Mom,” I said begrudgingly. Then I had to let her hug me and just endure the crush of her cleavage engulfing me and try and ignore it.

“I told you Jill would dump you if you didn’t get serious with her,” Dad then put in almost complete hypocrisy to his moral outrage at my language. He was always brutally honest and obnoxiously direct with his overtly manly philosophy, to the point I couldn’t believe any woman would stay with him. To him women were put on this Earth to serve and care for their man and children. Even worse is Mom would never contradict him, though sometimes she would work around his decrees as long as no one told him.

“Now Honey,” Mom happily chided Dad, “with all the diseases out there now Randy was smart to wait for the right girl.” Mom called everyone Honey as it was her friendly southern style and that was about as confrontational as she ever got.

“People are animals,” Dad firmly stated. “If you don’t mark your territory then someone else will take it from you.” I had hated his idea of macho male dominance because it seemed silly to me that in this day and age society could be reduced down to something so simple, but with Jill cheating on me it strangely became more reasonable now. Maybe it was Mom’s jugs still squishing into my side, but I actually had a brief fantasy of grabbing Jill and just fucking her silly and that alone would somehow make her love me again. Predictably my manhood which had held off from reacting to my mother’s embrace finally hardened at this perverse rape fantasy.

I just hoped Mom didn’t notice as I backed out of her warm hug that had already gone for an embarrassingly long time. “I got homework to do,” I offered as an excuse to just leave them and escape to the solace of my own room.

Dad didn’t let me go in peace though. “You need to get laid son. Women can tell the difference between a man and a boy, and will play with a boy, but only ever love a man.” I tried to shut him out and get to my room, but he spoke up as I got farther away down the hall. “You gotta be a tiger and take what you want son. Women only truly respect you if you show them you got balls!” I slammed shut the door behind me with a raging hard-on in my pants and visions of just mauling Jill, taking a fistful of her long blonde hair and pulling it hard as I pounded her ass from behind. I felt sick from how horny I was.

I did have a lot of school work to do, but didn’t start studying until after I turned on my computer and jerked off to pictures of glamorous girls stripping down and posing for me on one of my favorite free porn site. While usually I imagine them laughing and happy, today they were begging for my cock like whores. I roughly beat off quickly and felt disgusted with myself soon afterwards. Later as I tried to study I just couldn’t concentrate so went to bed early to try and sleep it off.

The next few days just trudged by and that Saturday morning when I got up around noon Mom told me of her plan to break me out of my funk. “Halloween party?” I asked doubtful. I knew I had to get out of the gutter or my grades would suffer along with my health, but all week I’d still had to see Jill at the classes we shared, cuddled up close to this grungy guy with greasy hair. I would have punched him in the face if they came up to me, but I think my evil glaring was enough of a message that Jill steered well clear of me.

“It’ll be great!” Mom cheered, handing me a bag. “Cindy Coty just down the road is hosting; you know her son Spencer is a few years younger than you? Well he’s going to visit his father so she has the house to herself and wanted to do something. We were talking and got a bunch of friends and neighbors coming, including a some eligible young ladies,” Mom winked at me and I grimaced at the thought of who she thought was going to b

e matching me up with. But she wasn’t finished, “And the best part is it will be a costume party with mandatory masks! Doesn’t it sound like fun? You won’t know who is who!”

I grimaced and considered correcting her grammar, but she’d never remember to use ‘whom’ correctly anyway. Mom was definitely amped up for this, and she had already bought costumes, so it would be impossible to say no to her, at least without a good excuse. Unfortunately I couldn’t think of one since I’d just told her I was finished with school work right before this conversation. “Fine,” I conceded and looked in the bag. There appeared to be quite a few black garments inside.

“I got you a Batman costume and a Zorro costume for your father,” Mom explained then turned to go back out the door. “See you at the party!”

“Where are you going?” I asked confused.

“To get prettied up for my costume silly,” she winked.

She was almost was out the door before I thought of asking, “What are you going as?”

Through a cracked door she teased, “You’ll have to wait and see.” Then she blew me a kiss and closed the door. That was odd, but with the party still several hours away so I just dropped the bag on the counter and droned out watching TV on the couch.

Dad came home two hours later and I told him about the party, the bag of costumes, and how Mom had said she’d see us there. “I suppose if that’s what your Mother wants,” he sounded as enthused for this party as I was. He checked his watch and said, “In an hour be ready to go. I’ll get mine on and we can just walk down the road since it’s not far.”

I grunted acceptance and went back to my TV show. When it ended I finally accepted my fate and pulled out my costume from the bag. Right away I could tell that the Batman costume was going to be a bit big and baggy on me. Out of curiosity I checked and sure enough the Zorro costume was the smaller one that fit me just right. Dad would never fit his taller frame and lager gut into it, at least not well. Mom or the sales person must have mixed up the sizes.

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“Dad,” I shouted and he came in, now out of his business suit and just in boxers and his white undershirt. “Hope you don’t mind being Batman,” I said handing him the larger costume.

Weirdly he was okay with it. “I can Batusy with the best of them,” he joked and wiggled as he drew his veed fingers over his eyes. There should be a law outlawing parents from dancing. I just ignored him and took my costume to my room and got dressed. Of course everything was black; the hard plastic mask, the wide brimmed paper hat, the frilly shirt and baggy pants that I wore over just my underwear. It also came with a pencil thin wooden prop fencing sword with a rope belt that finished off the disguise.

I posed in front of my mirror and actually felt more better pretending to be bold and heroic for a few moments, imagining that I was actually Zorro. “Randy, you almost ready to go?” Dad called out from the living room.

“Coming,” I hollered back as I went out to meet him.

Batman stood there in my living room and I almost laughed as he swept his cloak about then spoke with a false deep voice, “Let’s go.” I groaned, but didn’t argue. We then walked down the street about five minutes without speaking and only feeling slightly silly wearing these outfits. The Coty’s house was surrounded by cars and had several people also walking in wearing costumes, but most of them were covering their faces so while I recognized some of them, others were a complete mystery as to their identities until they spoke. All of them were adults though so Dad spoke with them and I just stood there wondering if there would actually be anyone my age. “Go in and have fun,” Dad instructed me. “I’ll catch up with you later.”

I nodded and joined the party inside and was at least happy that there were some fine looking women in sexy nurse, maid, and cheerleader outfits. There were a few Catwomen and Supergirls, but most of the women were definitely older than me by ten to thirty years. The lack of younger people like myself was starting to get me down about an hou

r later as I just mingled with the partying people when I was getting a snack from the finger food counter when someone grabbed my ass from behind. I reacted by dropping my food and whipping around.

Before me stood this buxom older woman with long platinum blonde hair with lots of skin showing in the gaps of her bright red devil’s costume complete with small plastic pitchfork, horns barrette, long cloth tail, and a red mask to only let her brightly contrasting blue eyes shining through. Before I could even speak however this provocative woman pressed her impressive cleavage into my chest and hissed, “I hear you’ve been a bad boy.” Then she blew my mind as she just outright kissed me full on the lips. I felt her matching bright red glossy lipstick rubbing off on me and was so shocked by this sexual assault that I just froze up.

After several moments she finally broke her kiss and twirled her red forked tail whispering, “I like bad boys because I’m a naughty little devil.” While I was startled by this mature woman’s aggressiveness I was not prepared for her when she dropped her tail and pressed her hand deliberately into my groin. I gulped and felt her squeezing through my pants and shorts, easily finding my already quickly growing manhood. It was like a wet dream with this strange beautiful cougar coming on to me like no other woman ever had before. In my experience it was always the guy chasing after the girl, so this turnabout was really exciting. I was instantly fully rigid in the palm of her hand, letting her do whatever she wanted to me.

“And I think this bad boy wants to do something very naughty,” she sighed pleased with her work. She released my erection and took my hand to lead me from the room. I didn’t care about the other people, ignoring that my parents were still around somewhere, and even all thoughts of Jill had completely been forgotten. I just watched her sexy wide hips with the painted tight red material of her suit wedged into her ass with the dangling red tail teasing her long smooth naked legs down to her tall red stiletto heels. I followed her out of the kitchen and up the stairs to where the partiers thinned out and disappeared. We got to a closed door and she lead me inside and closed the door.

Almost regretfully my senses came back to me and I realized this was Spencer’s bedroom. He was the teenage boy that lived here as it looked a lot like mine, except he liked baseball instead of football so his posters on the walls were of stars that I didn’t know. But once alone in the quiet room it was clear what naughty things this woman might want to do and I started to get cold feet.

“I’m not sure…” I began hesitantly trying to dissuade this amorous lady who was at least in her thirties from thinking anything more was going to happen, but she cut me off by jumping me again. Her lips going wild over my face, kissing me, licking me, and her arms pulled and tugged at my black costume, already untying my rope belt.

I fell back onto the small single bed as she suddenly pushed me back and struck a sexy twisting pose. “This costume has a sexy secret I want to show you,” then without any further ado she pulled at one side and the solid red piece came off with a slight ripping sound and exposed even more skin as the Velcro panel came free. She innocently dropped it grinning evilly then did the same on her other side. Then she twirled about slowly, enjoying my entranced stare before pulling off the next panel her front to expose her belly button and still nicely trim stomach. Now I could clearly see she wasn’t wearing just a sexy devil costume, but striptease lingerie.

“Do you want to remove these two?” my seductress asked shaking her two massive breasts that where covered by just two red triangles. Then she leaned over in front of me, offering me the chance to get hands on into her show. I was already lost to my hormonal lust and was practically ready to beg for just this opportunity. I placed my hand gently on one breast and squeezed it hard which just made her laugh before I pinched the top edge of the

material and quickly ripped it off like a band-aid. Her hard brown nipple with its big bumpy areola happily poked out of the red lace that still held up her big breast. Eagerly I reached for the other, but had my hand slapped away.

Confused, I was about to protest, but she said in a playful girlish voice, “From now on you have to use your mouth,” then pointed her other utter at my face. In for a penny, in for a pound as they say, so I didn’t even think twice about biting right into the corner of the cloth and pulling it away with the crackling sound as I revealed her other lovely milk maker.

With her teats naked however she pulled away to stand back up and taunted me again, just mashing her breasts together and rubbing them up and down against each other. Don’t get me wrong, it was amazing to watch and I was glued to her performance, I just hoped it would have been a more interactive experience. She knew what she was doing though, taunting me and giggled, “Such a naughty boy. I bet you want to do all sorts of nasty things to my poor soft breasts.” Then she pulled one of her heavy tits up and tickled her hard tip with her own tongue. My cock felt like it was about to burst out of my pants without me even touching it.

She must have been thinking the same thing because then she solicited, “Do you have something naughty to show me?” I tugged down the baggy black pants and was pulling off my tight underwear and she instigated me, “Come on, show me what you got for me.”

An instant later it was out and prominently pointing up at her like a fleshy sword ready to strike. She dropped to her hands and knees to get a closer look and was so erotic kneeling before me wearing only wearing that thin strips of lingerie and still masked, framed with long white-yellow hair that I was worried that my first real sexual encounter would end prematurely with my shooting off in her face. I resisted the urge to touch my cock at all even though it screamed for and it angrily pumped full of blood. “Oh Honey, it’s so much bigger than I remember.” Then she bent forward and sucked it right up into her mouth.

Multiple warning sirens started going off in my head at the same time. The first was that I was in imminent danger of unloading into her mouth, but was suppressed a second later by wondering when she could have ever seen my cock before. Did I know this woman? Then the earth shaker alarm hit me as I recalled exactly what she said. She’d called me ‘Honey’ and I now knew this milf giving me my first blowjob was my own mother.

That alone freaked me out so much that I held off cuming in her mouth, desperate to stop her, but feeling too good to break my bliss induced paralysis. Why would my Mom be seducing random men at a costume party?!? Then I realized that she bought the Zorro outfit for my Dad! Maybe she didn’t know about the mix up. Maybe she thought I was him and this was a kinky sex thing they did sometimes!

Fuck it was hard to think with my ready to explode dick being sucked so amazingly my Mom’s tight hot mouth. Oh, God I don’t think I can last much longer. Should I just let her finish and try and escape, then pretend it never happened? Or should I stop her and make sure she knows of her mistake? Her tongue twirled all the way down to my fuzzy balls as she deep throated me and my willpower gave up ever trying to stop her as I just resolved to finish up and then get home before she found out the truth. I was only half a second away from blasting my semen down her gullet when the door opened.

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“Randy have you… Oh!” said Dad, still wearing the Batman costume.

“Dad!” I freaked out petrified solid with my mother’s mouth still wrapped around my cock as she froze and didn’t turn around. “It’s not what it looks like!” I uselessly stammered as Mom didn’t react at all and shockingly wet right back to sucking me.

“Nonsense! Good for you son.” Dad encouraged me instead before he started pulling the door closed again. “Be a man and nail her once for me,” was all he said before closing the door behind him, with Mom still swallowing my schlong.


ow could he tell me to fuck his own wife! My own mother! Then I looked down and pulled on her platinum wig and realized he’d probably been fooled by it as well and didn’t know it was her either. It was on securely, but I knew it was fake and it came loose in my hands to show her clips holding down her short brown hair underneath. “Mom.” I said softly.

While I was still hard as a rock, the sudden interruption had poured cold water on my libido. We needed to talk far more than I needed to cum. I knew now that she hadn’t reacted to learning my identity because she must have already known all along. My mother had somehow planned all of this and meant to seduce me, her only son.

She finally released me from her lips and looked up at me with wide ashamed eyes as I pulled off her mask with her wig, and devil horns. “Randy, I’m so sorry. What you must think of me.”

I was at a loss for words. I still couldn’t believe she had done all this, but now that I could see her face and her short brown hair the truth was irrefutable. For a long moment I just considered everything, going back and forth between barraging her with questions to screaming at her, but then I noticed her hand still holding my cock, gently stroking it to keep it hard. Then everything Dad said about animal instincts and a man marking his territory came rushing back to me. It must have been my hormones talking, overpowering my logical brain, because then I thought if Mom was okay with this then it was she who needed my help satisfying a job that Dad wasn’t willing or able to.

“Turn around and bend over,” was all I ordered in a still unsure voice. Needless to say Mom was surprised at first, but a second later she did as I commanded without speaking. On the carpeted floor, her sexy naked legs and thong like lingerie with long red tail facing me with her semi-nude back covered with just thin red straps holding her suit together like gift wrapping for me. She looked back over one shoulder at me as I knelt behind her with some trepidation. Gently I touched her silky smooth thighs and legs, clearly freshly shaven and let my fingers caress her thighs and ass. Somehow the thought that this was all for me drove me on to be more bold than I ever expected me to be. My fingers found their way to the seam of her crack just under that comically long tail and then pressed up and down into the fabric covering between her asshole and pussy.

“Oh…” Mom moaned approvingly and I could feel the heat and wetness on the other side of this final removable red Velcro strip of cloth.

I almost pulled it right off, but I had to be sure this was what she wanted. “Do you want me to continue?” I asked in my best husky bedroom voice.

“Yes!” my mother sighed closing her eyes and turning away from me. Then I remembered her requirement earlier about only using my mouth from now on so backed up and mimicked her pose, getting on all fours and putting my face right into her ass crack. “Ah!” she gasped as she felt my cheeks touch her spread butt cheeks. Then my teeth nibbled at the clothing to get a hold before pulling back to slowly rip off the last damp strip of erotically removable cloth.

I dropped it and then went back in to nuzzle the moist folds of her smooth shaven pussy, the same one I was birthed from close to two decades ago and found it as sweet and juicy as my dreams ever told me it would be. I lapped up along the outer lips making Mom whimper, then pressed my nose into her slit while my extended tongue sought out her clitoris. I knew about where to find it thanks to endless hours of porn, but was actually surprised by how big and hard it was.

My tongue brushed over it and Mom squeaked, so then I flickered my pallet tip over it relentlessly. Her arms went weak and she dropped her face to the floor moaning in submission to the pleasure I was giving her. I would have kept going, but her pussy suddenly started gushing fluid, clogging up my nose and making it too hard to breathe. I pulled back and Mom laid there panting with her ass up in the air, and figured she must have already orgas


I decided that I couldn’t want to wait anymore so pulled my pants and underwear completely off and stroked my hard cock as I got ready to finally kiss my virginity goodbye. “I’m gonna put it in now,” I warned Mom as I lined my cockhead up with her pussy.

“Do it Honey,” Mom moaned feeling my tip prod her neither regions. “I need to feel you inside me.” My penis swelled with my mother’s dirty talk and I pushed past her well lubricated lower lips..

It was much tighter than I expected so I only got about half my length inside on my first thrust, but that also made me feel great! Between the pressure of her flesh around my cock, her sexy pose and moaning, and the soft squishing sound of her wetness that was barely audible over the sound of the muffled party music from downstairs, I was over stimulated already. I knew I wasn’t going to last long, but on my second thrust as I fully sheathed myself inside her I erupted like a geyser. “Oh shit!” I grunted as I spasmed, half trying to pull out, and half trying to push in harder.

My brain shut down for about five glorious seconds, the sensation of pumping my cum into a real woman for the first time, but quickly followed then by the shame of going off so quickly. “Shit Mom,” I repeated as I backed out and watched a gush of my white deposit ooze out of her vagina to make a heavy drop that landed on the carpet. “I’m sorry I…” I didn’t know what else to say.

She just chuckled, and calmly commented, “It’s okay.” She snaked one hand between her legs and dipped two fingers into her gooey white snatch. “You lasted longer than your father did his first time.” She pulled her sticky fingers out and then rubbed her clit with them, pleasuring herself. “Just watch me,” she sighed as she frigged herself. “Oh…” she sighed as she wiggled her hand faster on her sensitive button. “Are you watching?” she asked through blissfully closed eyes.

She seemed to be getting off on that thought so I rubbed my sensitive half hard cock and assured her, “Mom you look so hot and sexy with your pussy still leaking my sperm. I’m rubbing my dick to get it hard for you again.”

She fluttered her fingers faster and her hips started shivering. She had to be getting close again and was definitely aroused by my flattery. “You want to fuck me again don’t you?” she moaned.

“I wanna fuck you every day for the rest of my life!” I exclaimed before shoving two fingers into her creamy cunt. That sudden extra stimulation set her off and she shrieked slightly while I felt her vagina clutch tightly around my invading fingers as she peaked.

As she came down she groaned, “God you made me cum so hard Honey.” Then she rolled over onto her back and I cuddled up next to her, kissing her again in a post-coital daze there on a neighborhood kid’s bedroom floor. I wondered what he would make of the smell of sex in his room when he came back home, but I didn’t care at all.

I’ve masturbated a lot in the half dozen years since I started to become interested in girls, sometimes even three or four times a day, but usually got quite sore afterwards so didn’t do it often. Today though I felt that I would risk a few days of uncomfortable crotch burn however as Mom grabbed onto my sticky still only semi-erect penis and stroked it firmly, but gently. “Get on top,” Mom directed. I climbed over her and looked down at her attractive body and felt my desire growing again, but was worried I couldn’t perform so soon. “Just do what you feel like, and when you’re ready Mommy needs you to fuck the shit out of her.”

I had never heard my mother use foul language like that before, so it really was weird, but kinky hot also. I rubbed my flexible dong up and down her wet slit and after a moment just peeked the head back in and thrust gently. I went in, but slid right back out as it twisted down to slid along her asshole. “Oh, that tickles,” she laughed. “But you don’t get that until next time.”

“Next time?” I asked not sure something like this would ever happen again.

“Of course Honey,” Mom said and as if this was all normal. “But you are goin

g to have to work for it.”

I rubbed my cock up and down her slit again, and asked, “And what kind of chores will I have to do?”

“Why, telling me all about the young cunts you fucked at school of course,” she said nonchalantly. “Now that you aren’t a virgin anymore I expect you to get out there and get to work making me some grandchildren.” Then Mom started rubbing my ass lustily, pulling my groin into hers. “Then when you have a good story you can come home and show me how you fucked them by doing the same things with me.” I had to hand it to her. Mom’s horny enthusiasm infectious and was getting me hard again. I slid back inside her sloppy cooze properly and she purred as I filled her again. I still wasn’t back to full strength, but it seemed to be enough for her. “Oh, yea, right like that. Now fuck me Randy. Fuck me long and hard,” Mom begged as she screwed her eyes shut and moved her hands to pinch her nipples.

I gave her long slow strokes as I slowly regained my rigidity, and she loved it, moaning and sighing the whole time. Looking down at her enjoying our slow lovemaking I bent my head down, worming her fingers out of the way so I could suckle on her left breast. “Oh yea baby,” she cooed as I worked her taught nipple with my lips and tongue. “Momma missed this.”

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I briefly wondered if Dad was getting impotent in the bedroom, but focused on what I was doing right now and think about that later. Over the next five or ten minutes we just did this long gentle build up of our second coupling. My love spear grew as it dug deeper into her vagina, stretching it out pleasantly as we both got more and more worked up. Soon I as slapping my strong meat into her hole hard with a loud wet smacking sound. I was almost worried I was hurting her with how forcefully I was harpooning her, especially when she started to whimper under my battering, but every now and then she grunted, “Harder, Fuck me harder…” so I obliged.

She had abandoned playing with her tits to start clawing at my back as I pounded her twat relentlessly at a strong steady rhythm which caused them the bounce and sway in response to each of my ever more powerful thrusts. I had also given up trying to suck on them to get a better angle on my knees, but that did let me enjoy the hypnotic effect of watching those big melons bounce. Looking further down, very aroused by watching my sausage as it was repeatedly swallowed by her fuck-hole, I thought to spice it up by rubbing her clit with my thumb.

“AH!” Mom screeched as I wiggled the flat of my finger on top of her hard nub and her pussy contracted tightly around me. I could tell this was her trigger and she was already primed to explode again so didn’t let up. She bit her lip and I felt her nails dig into my shoulder blades, stinging me. Then she outright begged, almost screaming if she wasn’t panting and out of breath, “Fuck, yes! Give it to me! I need to feel you cum inside me!”

I was turned on as all hell and just grabbed both of her knees and pushed them up to her shoulders and began slamming her cunt so hard I’m sure I bruised her womb. I was almost there myself, but had been more interested in getting her off again, but with her pleas I lost all control. I held my breath, focusing all my being into my iron cock that was prying open her uterus by force, while Mom’s begging devolved into whimpering just chanting “Fuck! Fuck! Fuck!” over and over as I plowed into her.

It seemed like that went on forever, but I’m sure it was just the adrenaline in my blood, but finally I felt the endorphins hit my brain as the flood gates opened in my balls. With a savage grunt I groaned loudly and fully sheathed my dick into its mother-fucking sheath and unloaded a fresh gallon of sperm through her cervix. Everything was going in slow motion as my eyes closed and I could almost visualize the head of my cock pushing into her womb, my pee hole spitting out a hot white torrent, and it painting the entirety of her inner the walls as her body filled with copious amounts of jizz.

I’m not sure how long I stayed there, impaling my mot

her as my body expelled it’s second load of baby-makers into her, but when it was over and my brain let me open my eyes, I was still inside her, collapsed into the valley of her cleavage and I could feel Mom still breathing hard as her vagina soothingly contracted as it worked to drink my juice up and slowly force my manhood back out. I pushed in again, just for fun, trying instinctively to keep her hole plugged up with my penis, but now it was truly exhausted and shrinking quickly. Then I was worried that someone might have heard us since we had been really loud, and that just killed my flagging erection even faster.

“We should get dressed,” I regretfully suggested into her bosom. “Someone else might come in and find us like Dad, and he’s probably wondering where you are.” We gently kissed again and I uncoupled from her, watching my fluids ooze out of her gaping pussy until she closed her legs and asked for me to help her reattach the Velcro panels of her outfit. She reapplied the one covering her cunt first while I gathered up the others, then she let me do the rest. It was fun, like putting her back together after I’d torn her apart. Then I got my pants and hat back on, realizing I’d worn the tunic, cape, and mask the whole time, then went and cracked the door open to peek out.

I found I didn’t have to be worried about getting interrupted again because not far away Dad was watching the door as he talked with some other guests. He gave me a thumbs up and I flushed beet red thinking that he’d been guarding the room to let me unknowingly fuck his wife. I closed the door and whispered to Mom, “Dad’s been guarding the door the whole time! How are were gonna get out of here?”

Mom sat up and thought for a second before coming up with a brilliant plan on the spot. “You go take your father downstairs so I can sneak out without having to go past him. I’ll leave a minute later and meet up with you later downstairs. I’ll leave the wig here so he won’t be the wiser.”

That made sense. Even if he somehow realized that Mom was wearing the same costume as the girl he’d briefly seen sucking my cock he shouldn’t even remotely believe that Mom was that girl. That’d be insane, which it was, and why I figured she was right. I took a deep breath then nervously jumped out the door and quickly as I could and shut it behind me before walking up to Dad who was alone now just standing by the stairs.

“There’s my main man!” he offered me his hand to shake while grinning ear to ear. “If you made her scream any louder someone would have had to call the police to make sure you wren’t murdering her!” He clapped one hand in my shoulder hard and my knees were so scared weak that I almost felt like I would collapse, but for Mom’s sake I played along.

“Sure Dad, but now I’m starving,” I answered trying to sound confident. “Let’s go get some snacks.”

“What about your girlfriend?” Dad dangerously asked. “Do I get to meet her?” he asked eying the door.

“She’s not my girlfriend,” I reflexively shot back, but realizing I was sounding too defensive. “She’s just… a girl I know,” I thought desperately. At least that was the truth. “I’m not going to marry her or anything,” I tried to sound dismissive, like my first fuck was no big deal.

Luckily Dad bought it. “That’s my boy! Love ’em and leave ’em wanting more.” He smiled and patted my shoulder. “Let’s go.” Thankfully he went downstairs with me and even gave me a beer to celebrate my newly earned manhood. It tasted horrible, but I drank just it to humor him. Then Mom came up to us about five minutes later looking like a completely different person. She sported her short brown hair as well as much more conservative red dress that completely covered over the lingerie she must still be wearing. The only similarity was the horn barrette, little plastic pitchfork, and the forked tail that now just peeked out from under the dress around her knees. She must have really planned this whole thing well in advance.

“Where have you two been all night?” she sold the act sounding a little upset. “I’ve been looking for

you for over an hour.”

Dad bought the lie hook, line, and sinker. “Sorry babe, but Randy was upstairs becoming a man and I just couldn’t let someone else bother him from wetting his Willy.”

Mom pretended to be very unsure and concerned. “Oh, do I know her? IS it one of the girls I set you up with? Where is she?” she asked not waiting for answered as she looked around.

I had to play my part as well, “Maybe, but I don’t even know if there’s any chance of a future with her. She’s got another guy that I don’t think she’ll leave.”

“Nonsense Honey! I’m sure a handsome young man like you will be irresistible to any woman,” she reassured me and I could tell she was serious. I smiled at her and looked deep into her eyes and knew what she was saying.

“That’s right son,” Dad chipped in. “She obviously liked what you did to her, so this shmuck is obviously already lost her and probably doesn’t even know it yet.” I grimaced thinking about my parents splitting up, but Dad didn’t notice. “Remember son. People are animals. You already marked your territory, so if you want her, she’s already yours.” I know he didn’t know what he was saying, but the look in Mom’s eye told me he was right.

“In fact,” Mom said grabbing a plastic cup of punch from the table and holding it up, “I propose a toast. Too the new man of the house, Randy!”

My Dad chimed in happily ignorant of the double entendre, raised his beer, and tapped it to Mom’s cup cheering along, “To Randy!”

I slowly raised up my half empty beer in a solo cup and Mom hit her glass into mine harder than I was expecting, dumping the contents down the front of my costume. “Ah!” Mom shrieked and I saw she dropped her own glass over the front of her own dress. “How clumsy of me. I’m so sorry Honey!”

Dad just laughed, “Over excited much?”

“I guess,” Mom shrugged. “Well, we better get home and wash these out quickly before they stain.” Then she took my hand like I was still a little kid as she told her husband. “It’s still early, you have some fun and we’ll be back as soon as these are washed and dried.”

“Alright,” Dad said agreeably and went looking back to bobbing his head to the party music and walked up to a few of the neighborhood guys to talk. Mom lead me out of the house and didn’t let go of my hand as we walked towards home.

Once we were alone a short distance from home I accused, “You did that on purpose.”

She looked at me with feigned shock and declared, “Why Honey, how could you say that? Do you really think I would cause such a mess just to get my virile young son naked and into the shower alone with me?” Then she raised an eyebrow and continued her leading suggestively rhetorical questions, “Surely you don’t expect anything to happen as I wash all over your body up and down…” Her eyes followed down my body and she bit her lip and squeezed my hand.

My pulse was racing and I could feel my groin reacting again as we both sped up a little, hurrying home and inside to partake in that taboo fantasy as quickly as possible. I was certain of one thing; I was happily going to Hell with this sexy devil and I could hardly wait.