Nudist/Sex Resort at the Ranch – Text Stories

I have been the extra pleasure enhancer for a small group of friends I have for years. I am 5’10”. I am a retired soldier. I am muscular and fit. Despite my 51 years, I have salt and pepper short hair. I have an above average sized cock. At 7.5+ inches in length and over two inches thick, it isn’t the biggest cock out there, but it is above average. I “work out” my cock with a Fleshlight daily, and it has made me master of my domain. I can cum at will… I can go for hours or minutes based on what my partner wants.

The first couple I have known is Rick and Lisa. They have been married for over 30 years, and I have known them for over 20 years. Of that 20 years, we have been actively fucking and double dicking Lisa for all but a year of that time. We are VERY good friends and fuck buddies. We know each other intimately. Lisa is 5’9″, a natural blonde, heavy C-cups, and a tone body. She is two years older than me. Rick is slim, tall at 6′. He has a 6″ cock that is 2″ thick. He is bi-oral, and loves to see/watch his wife getting fucked! They have three kids that are grown up and out of the house, so our naked fun has been more free and frequent the last three years. My kids have been out of the house for years, too. We can and often do stay at each other’s houses.

Another playmate is Amanda. She is a petite, 5′ tall brunette with beautiful blue eyes. She is 49, and has great legs and a fantastic ass. She is relatively flat chested, and a sexy “runner” type. She is married, and plays alone. Her husband doesn’t know. Her and Lisa have been friends for years. Her kids are about to be college kids in the next year or so. Amanda caught us in Rick and Lisa’s backyard a few years ago, and made the decision to join us in our play.

The last addition to our play is a younger couple in their late 30’s… Stephanie and Matt. Steph is 5’6″, 39, she’s not a twig, but has some shape to her. She has brown hair and blue eyes. She has D breasts and a nice ass. Matt is brown-haired, blue eyed, 5’8″, and muscular. He is a gym rat. He has a 5″ cock that is about an inch thick. They are a great couple, and have been playing with us for a couple of years now. They have two small kids, so they don’t get to play often.

Back to the ranch. Lol.

Lisa, Rick, and I were spending a mid May weekend at the ranch. It was sunny and warm, and we were hanging out at the pool… butt naked, of course. We knew Steph and Matt were planning on stopping by, so I left my front gate open so they could drive right up to my house. I have cameras at the gate and around my house and pool. I didn’t have my phone to see that I got an alert that a car drove through the gate. Rick and I had just finished pleasuring Lisa. She had two loads of cum in her pussy, and she settled into the pool in a couple inches of water. She looked hot in the sun. Rick’s still inflated cock hung low on him. He was getting a drink behind the bar. I had headed up to the house to grab something. My cock was still inflated and hanging low, too, our cocks were shiny with juices from Lisa’s wet, well-fucked pussy.

As I got to the house, I heard a car door close, so I changed directions, and headed for the driveway to greet Steph and Matt, except it wasn’t Steph OR Matt! It was my cousin, Brinn, and a pretty blonde I didn’t know. I was taken by surprise as were they. We just stared at each other! They both wore sunglasses. Brinn was my first cousin’s daughter, and I had known her since she was a child. I knew she recently moved to Kansas City to attend college in the Fall. She moved early to work and earn some money. We talked and I told her she was welcome to come to the ranch whenever, no invite needed. I didn’t think a young lady like her would actually take me up on it.

I finally gained my composure, and said “Hello Brinn, I wasn’t expecting to see you, but I am happy you stopped by.” Silence… lol. Her friend finally said, “I’m Anna. What an interesting way to meet you. I’ve heard about you and this place, but I didn’t hear about you being a nudist.”

Then Brinn piped up and said, “Is this why Dad told me to always call first?” I smiled at her, and said, “It must be, right!” We all kind of laughed a nervous laugh. I said, “Look, you are welcome to join us. We have been enjoying the pool and the sun. If I’d have known. Maybe I wouldn’t be standing here butt-naked.”

Just then Lisa appeared, wrapped in a towel. She said, “This has got to be a shock?” Brinn piped up, and said, “I guess it’s not that big a surprise. My Dad jokes about it all the time”… “Hi, I’m Brinn!” She extended a hand to Lisa, and Lisa hugged her. Lisa said, “Jason told me he had a cousin moving up here to go to Kansas University in Lawrence. Come on down to the pool, and tell me about yourself.” With that, Lisa pulled them both down to the pool. She helped them get two more loungers in the water, and settled them in. I started walking back to the pool, but only after I grabbed my phone and closed the gate remotely!

At the pool, the girls, who were wearing T-shirts and shorts, sat on the chairs in the water. Lisa was still in the towel. She dropped it on the ground at the pool’s edge, and laid back down on the lounge chair in the water. The girls were still stunned. They were in a scenario they obviously had never been a part of in their life.

Rick waved and said hello from the bar. Anna asked, “Are you naked, too!” Rick just smiled. Then Brinn asked if they should leave. I told her we were comfortable naked in front of each other, and we were enjoying the sun on our skin. If they were uncomfortable we would put our suits back on. They were silent, and then Anna said, “Brinn this is going to be a funny story 10 years from now.” Brinn then asked, “Do we have to strip?” She got an instant reply from all three of us… “No!”

Anna sat down on her lounge chair, and Brinn stood and scanned each of us. “You guys aren’t going to creep on us, are you?” I answered Brinn, “other than the obvious, this is just a normal day at the ranch. Your Dad laughs at it because when I get done working out of in the heat, he knows I strip and jump in.”

Brinn was still a bit uneasy, but Anna had already stripped her shorts and shirt and was laying back on the lounge chair. She wore a yellow bikini. Her skin was already tan. She had a great rack, and what appeared to be a nice round ass. Brinn reluctantly stripped to a bikini and laid back in her chair. Lisa kept talking them through the shock. Lol. I disappeared to the deep end and swam. Rick hit a floating chair and seemed to have fallen asleep.

After an hour, I got out of the water and was fixing a drink at the bar. Anna walked over and asked if she could get something. I said she could get whatever she wanted. She told me she was 18 and would stick to sodas for now. I laughed and said, “So you think you can drink out here? How do you know we are cool with that?” She laughed and said, “Jason, you’re naked.” She grabbed a soda out of the fridge and went back to the lounge chair in the shallow end. She stood there and saw we could care less she was there, then stripped off her top and bottom. She had no tan lines at all. She laid back on the chair and continued sunning herself. She had a great rack and a totally shaved pussy. She was a real pretty young lady… sexy, too!

Brinn and Anna were both 5’4″. Brinn was a brunette with blue eyes and petite, B-cups. Anna had more shape to her, C-cups a round ass, blonde hair and blue eyes. Both young ladies were exquisite.

While I was making a drink. Lisa slid off her chair and swam across the pool. She swam by Rick who was still asleep, and pulled herself out of the pool. She walked behind the bar, and leaned against the counter. She asked me to make a pitcher of margaritas. I thought it would go great with the afternoon heat. I grabbed the mix, ice and the tequila and started mixing everything in the blender at the bar. As they were mixing Lisa began stroking my cock. I said, “What are you doing! They are going to see, and you are going to give me a raging hard on.” She smiled a mischievous smiled and said “Exactly!” She then threw a leg up on the counter, pulled me by the cock to her and began rubbing my tip on her pussy.

Brinn seemed oblivious, but Anna was keyed in on the interaction. Once Lisa had me hard, she dropped my cock, poured a frozen margarita in a cup and headed back to her lounge chair. As she was walking away, I just stayed behind the bar. Anna slid off her chair and crossed the pool to the shaded area. She had a direct line of sight behind the bar, and I turned my back to her. She was leaning on the bar about 10 seconds later.

“What’s happening Jason…”, She asked. I was busted. So I proudly displayed my wang. She was getting an eyeful and wasn’t reeling from the sight. We looked back at Lisa, and just then, Brinn sat up in the chair she was on and stripped off her top… no tan lines. She laid back down and kept sunning. Anna turned her attention back to me. “Can I have one?” I poured her a drink, too, then I poured myself one.

“So, Lisa, how good a friend is she?” Asked Anna as she motioned air quotes when she said the word friend. I just smiled, and said I’ve known them for over 20 years, so we are quite comfortable with each other. “She is constantly teasing us.” Anna seemed to accept the answer with some hesitation. I asked if she had enough sun. She said she was going to take a break from it. We headed over to the shaded area of the pool and dropped in. It was the only direction to go with my back to Brinn.

Anna and I chewed the fat. She was a nice gal, and I could tell she was adventurous. Rick woke up, got a drink, and plopped down with us. He added to the conversation, too. Lisa eventually made her way over, and she and Anna laughed at what she did to get me hard. As we were talking Brinn stood up and shimmied her bikini bottom off. We all noticed she had a good crop of hair trimmed to a triangle and shaved lips. She swam over to us.

We welcomed her to the shaded area that had submerged benches. I hopped out and got her something to drink. It was now rounding around to 4 p.m. The girls told us they would have to head out. They asked if they could come back tomorrow. I said whenever you want to. They left with the gate code, and said they would be back.

I did a lot of lead in to explain that we started something. Anna and Brinn were naked by the pool when I returned from church the next day. I saw a message from Steph and Matt that their babysitting fell through so they didn’t show up on Saturday. I told them how the day played out.

I went poolside and said hello. Anna said I had too much clothes on, and laughed. I asked if they were ok with me going around in the buff. They didn’t care, so I stripped, and hung out, literally.

The young ladies were getting it. It was just naked skin. I swam for a while and hung out. Then I got some clothes on and left them at the pool. I checked on my cattle. When I got back they were packing up. I was hot and sweaty, so I stripped and jumped in the pool. I bid them farewell. Before Brinn left, she said, “None of this will get out to my Dad will it? I would rather not pay to fake bake if I can come out here. It’s more fun and private.” I said “Mum’s the word. He’d kick my butt, too.” We laughed and they headed out.

So here is what I found interesting. During the week, the girls were out at my house every day… Butt-naked and sun bathing. I could see on my security cameras. There was even a day when Lisa and our other playmate Amanda came to get some sun. The girls showed up, too, and I had four naked women around my pool. I cut out early that day, and headed home. By the time I got home Lisa and Amanda had left, and I hung out with Brinn and Anna. On Thursday, Brinn and Anna had a guy with them… there was no nudity, but Anna did disappear into the barn for about 20 minutes with that guy. Brinn even snuck to the barn door to listen for a few minutes. I was liking what I saw. Brinn even showed up with who I assume was her boyfriend that lives near Wichita one day. They relaxed, but the fun thing the cameras recorded was all the fucking they did in and around the pool. I can’t believe these young ladies were oblivious to the cameras. Needless to say, over a couple of weeks, they were growing comfortable with hanging out at my house. The important thing, though, was I now knew they were sexually active young adults, not pristine virgins. They obviously liked a cock.

Memorial Day was approaching, and I had taken Friday off. I worked my ranch in the morning. I got a message from Brinn asking if Anna’s parents could come out with them. They were spending a lot of time at my place and they wanted to see where their daughter was going. I told them to bring them out, too. Brinn followed up with a clothe have to be worn. I told her they would love the place.

The parents showed up with them, I can’t remember their names. Anna’s mother was an older copy of Anna. It was too bad she wasn’t part of my playgroup. We all hung out and I made them an early dinner at the house, too.

After Anna’s parents left about 5 p.m., They stripped and enjoyed what was left of the afternoon sun and the heat. We were lounging in the shaded part of the pool eventually. Anne asked, “So tell us the truth about Lisa, Rick, and Amanda, was that her name?” I replied, “What do you mean?” She answered back, “There is a familiarity there I can’t quite figure out. Like the first time we were here. Lisa played with your dick till you had a hard on… that is awfully friendly.” Brinn piped up, “Yeah, Anna told me about that.”

I was quiet, and said, “well, I think I need them here to fully explain it, so let’s just say we are really good friends.” They laughed and called me out on my bullshit. They soon departed, and said they may be back on Sunday. Brinn and Anna we’re going to hang out with their boyfriends and go to the bars on Saturday. I said, “See you Sunday!”

Now for Memorial Day Saturday, Lisa, Rick, Stephanie and Matt were planning a naked pool party with lots of orgasms and fun. Amanda hadn’t committed, yet, but was sure she was going to come, too. It was going to be a relaxing day and evening of fun and fucking. I was glad to hear they had plans.

I got a call from Rick. Lisa and Amanda were going out for dinner, and Rick was alone till they got home. He was going to tell Lisa just to head to my house, and he would come out, too. I told him to head on over. He brought some food, and we hung out watching porn and having a few beers. Again, it may seem weird to some, but I have been swinging with him and his wife for over 20 years. It wasn’t anything for Rick to whip it out and masturbate, and he did!

When Lisa was done with dinner, she sent him a message and said she was on her way. Rick wanted to send a “hurry up” pick with our cocks in it, so we stripped and he got a shot of us holding our cocks up on the couch from the side. Lisa responded with a “thumbs up” emoji.

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She arrived about half an hour later. She stripped in the driveway, and we answered the door naked and hard. She immediately began stroking us and alternating back and forth between me and Rick sucking us, then making out with us in turn. We moved her to the living room. I laid down on the floor, and she straddled my face. At the same time, I could look up, and see her devouring her husband’s cock. I loved looking up and seeing her breasts move in concert with the movement of her hand and head as she sucked Rick’s cock.

Lisa was wet in no time. She sucked Rick for a bit, and then switched around to a 69 with me on the floor. Rick got on his knees, and slapped me in the forehead with his tip, then pressed his cock into his wife. As he fed his cock into her, I sucked her clit. She moaned as he pressed his inside her. Rick began to fuck and open up his wife’s pussy. With his cock stretching her out, and my lips on her clit, Lisa was cumming in no time. I got hit a couple of times in the face with a wet cock when Rick slipped out, but that is just a hazard of a close-quarters MFM.

After she came, she stood up and had Rick and I switch. Rick began sucking her clit as I got into position. I laid my tip on Rick’s face, and he quickly took it in his mouth and slobbered it up. I then slid my cock into his wife. It felt great sliding into her. As I began doing her pussy, her lips moved in and out, gripping my shaft. It was an awesome sight and feeling!

We continued in this 69/doggy position till Lisa had another orgasm. When she was cumming on me, her pussy squeezed and pulled on my cock as she blew through her orgasm. After she came, she pulled off and stood up. She stood me up and hit her knees as Rick rolled onto his knees, and she fed him my cock. He slurped and sucked Lisa’s cum off of my member.

She then stood Rick up, and took us to my bedroom. He laid back on the bed, and then she straddled him, and slid his cock back inside her. It was totally hot to see Rick’s thick cock stretch her pussy out. She looked fantastic stretched and sliding up and down his cock. I just sat and watched, enjoying the view. She was sopping wet. Close-up live porn is awesome!

As she rode him, Rick stopped her, and motioned to me, and then said, “Jason, get your cock inside her, too”. She had spun her head around and nodded in agreement. I hopped on the bed and positioned my cock against Rick’s and pressed into her where her pussy lips split over his shaft. With a press, I slid in, and she felt phenomenal! Her pussy was so tight it felt like her lips were going to split.

Rick and I got in a good rhythm taking turns being the anchor cock. It wasn’t long before Rick announced his orgasm, and began cumming deep inside his stretched wife. I could feel every spasm as he emptied his cock inside her. His warm jizz flooded around us and out of her pussy and onto our shafts and balls after we started thrusting again.

Rick slipped out, and Lisa took that as a cue to change positions. Before she let me mount up, she stroked Rick’s cummy, juicy cock. She bid me to come closer and frotted our cocks together, shaft to shaft. She wrapped her hands around us and stroked us as one big shaft. Rick’s tip was just under the sensitive bottom of my tip as she stroked us, so it felt great! She then separated us and lapped every drop of cum off of our cocks, then played with us, slapping our shafts together with a big smile on her face. She then aligned our tips, and stretched her mouth around us taking both tips in her mouth and darting her tongue between our tips. Once she had me so engorged and hard a cat couldn’t scratch me, she laid on her back and pulled me on top of her.

I planted my cock inside her pussy. Her cum-filled snatch was warm, slick and stretched around me. Her opening formed a tight/snug ring around my shaft. We got into a rhythm, and she thrust upward into me as I bottomed out inside her. The room was filled with the sound of my balls slapping against her. We were on cloud nine! We kept at each other till she came again, and after she did, she whispered in my ear, “I’m ready for you to cum.” Those are some of the sweetest words that I love to hear. In about 5 minutes, I was there.

Instead of dropping my load inside her, I pumped her pussy till I was past the point of no return, and I slid out of her and offered my tip to her warm mouth. My first volley shot her in the face, but Lisa is a trooper, she just took me in her mouth and tongued the bottom, sensitive side of my tip till I was empty, and her mouth was full. It felt out of this world blowing in her mouth.

Rick was laying on the bed watching and cheering her on as she took my jizz in her mouth. When I was through, she didn’t swallow my load. She shoved Rick’s half-hard cock in her mouth and began blowing him with a messy mouth full of cum. Gobs of cum slid out of her mouth onto his tip and shaft. She continued to suck him and stroke him keeping my jizz in play. She pulled his tip from her mouth slowly, and a thick streamer of cum clung to her lips and his tip. She stretched it till it broke, and she continued playing with his cock. It was hot to see how much fun she was having with his cock and my cum.

She left him messy, and began making out with Rick, and then made out with me. She rolled off the bed, retrieved a wash cloth from the bathroom and wiped our faces. She kissed each of us again, and then we gathered ourselves for a few minutes, and then followed her out to get her stuff out of her car. We showered, and then crashed for the night.

The next day, Saturday, was going to be a fuck-fest around the house and pool. As we woke, me and Rick headed out for a spin on the ranch. When we got back, we did some food prep for the day, and we fired my smoker up. We then relaxed till about noon.

At about 11a.m. We got messages from Amanda and Stephanie saying they were on their way. They arrived a little after noon, and there was sexual tension in the air. We didn’t wait till after we ate lunch. I have a big floaty that is like a big rubber covered pad. We could all lay on it. Lol. It was next to the pool with a bottle of lube. Another bottle was on the bar, and another next to the shaded area of the pool.

Stephanie and Matt were the first two people out of their clothes. All Lisa had on was a T-shirt the whole day. She stripped it off. Amanda dropped her shorts and stripped her shirt. Me and Rick had dressed to go check cattle, but now we found ourselves being stripped by Lisa and Amanda.

The gals started making the rounds through the group taking time to make out with each guy. As we made out with the each other we guys were getting stroked, and the ladies were getting rubbed and massaged.

We guys ended up standing in a half moon around Amanda and Steph. The ladies were taking turns on our cocks. Hands were constantly changing cocks along with mouths. They were slapping each other on the face with our dicks. It was hot watching them suck and stroke our cocks. Lisa was on her feet making out with Matt to my left. Rick, on my right, had Steph halfway down his thick shaft as she sucked his cock. Amanda went back and forth between me and Matt until Lisa peeled Matt from the group.

Lisa took Matt into the shallow end of the pool, sat her ass on the edge, and Matt dove into her pussy. Rick and I switched, and now Rick had filled Amanda’s mouth, and I was getting my tip sucked by Steph as she stroked my shaft. Rick and I patted each other on the back… we had a great view of these ladies on our cocks and Rick’s wife getting her pussy eaten.

After a few more minutes of cock sucking, Amanda looked at Steph and asked if she could have me first since she couldn’t stay long. Steph said go for it, I need one of these cocks in me, and it doesn’t matter which one.

Amanda led me to a lounge chair, laid me down on it, stood my cock straight up, straddled me, and then began working her pussy down on my inflated tip. Her pussy stretched, and began to take my cock. She felt tight and I loved the stretch of her lips on me. She opened up her pussy with my cock, and pretty soon she was riding me fast and furious.

I looked over at Lisa and Matt, and by now Matt was balls deep inside Lisa, and he was holding her legs up and fucking her on the edge of the pool in the shallow end. She was talking to him, and I heard her say “Young man, you are fucking me good, your cock feels so good, make me cum!”

Rick was doing well with Steph, too. They were laying on the float mat I had placed beside the pool. Steph was on her back, her legs were wrapped around him, and they made out deeply as Rick fucked her. She was moaning loudly.

Amanda was furiously fucking me, and then planted her pussy on me and blew through a hard orgasm. When her orgasm subsided, she stood up, walked to the lounge chair next to the one I was laying on and got on her hands and knees and then winked at me. I got the message. I stood up, positioned myself behind her, and slid my cock back inside her wet snatch. We both moaned as I sunk into her. We had a good view of the others. We got into a good pace. I grabbed her hips, and just started pounding her tight pussy.

Across the cement a few feet away on the mat, Rick was delivering deep and hard thrusts. He had his body propped up on his extended arms. As he thrust into Steph, her big D tits bounced with every thrust. He bent his head down and sucked her awesome nipples as he fucked her. Soon he was to his final thrusts, and Steph told him to cum on her tits when he was ready. He obeyed, pulled out, stood over her, and began spewing all over her chest.

Back at the edge of the pool, Lisa had moved Matt to the lounge chair in the water, and was mounting him, and telling him to fill her pussy.

I kept pounding Amanda, and she announced she was cumming again. As she began blowing through her orgasm. Rick came over and began rubbing his tip across her face. She took him in her mouth and we spit roasted her through her orgasm. When she was through cumming, she pulled off of me and got on her knees on the chair. She got two cocks in her face, and she readily sucked us.

Looking over at Lisa, she had pushed Matt over the edge, and was planted on him while he was cumming. They moaned loudly as he emptied himself in her hot pussy. Lisa collapsed on him when he was through cumming and they started making out.

Returning to Amanda… she got my attention when she began rubbing our tips together. It felt great. She stared at them, pressing and squeezing them together.

Steph stood up and walked into the pool. She knelt and waved Lisa and Matt off the lounge chair. She offered her cum-covered tits to them, and they each took a breast and began licking and eating Rick’s cum off of them. It was hot to see Lisa sucking and cleaning a nice mam. Once Steph’s breasts were spotless, she had Matt stand, and she began sucking his cock. Lisa joined and they passed his dick back and forth.

Amanda got up. She continued stroking our cocks and making out with us. She asked Lisa and Steph, “who wants Jason next? He hasn’t cum, yet” Lisa and Steph looked at each other, and Lisa told Steph, “Go make him cum.”

Steph stood up, and I peeled off from Rick and Amanda. Rick still had a hard cock despite cumming. Amanda’s mouth kept him going. She bent back over, and he slid his cock inside her. Steph and I embraced in the pool. I pulled her body into mine, I loved the feel of her breasts pressing into me. We swam over to the covered part of the pool, and I propped her ass up into the edge of the pool. We kissed and she stroked my cock. She put two hands on my shaft, gripped me tight, and began milking precum out of me. She leaned over and lapped it up. Steph has a big clit, and I wanted to suck it. I have no taboos about sucking a clit on a pussy that already had a cock in it.

I dove into her pussy. It was coated in her thick pussy cum, I dug my tongue into her and sucked her big clit. When her clit is hard, it sticks out about an inch. It’s her lady penis. Lol. How many licks does it take to get to her orgasmic center? Lol. She loves us on her clit, and she knows she has a unique big clit. After a few minutes of eating, she wanted my cock inside her. She spread her legs even more, pulled me up so my dick was level with her, and guided my tip and her clit together, then rubbed them together. Next, she positioned my tip on her opening, and I sank my cock into her. She felt out of this world… slick and Warm! I leaned down and bathed her nipples and breasts with my tongue giving them a little nibble and tug with my teeth.

As I began fucking Steph, I checked out what the rest of the ladies were doing. They had the guys in the king of clubs position, and had them sack to sack and shaft to shaft. Lisa and Amanda were taking turns wrapping their hands around their cocks and stroking and sucking them. Lisa would stroke them and Amanda had both their tips in her mouth and vice versa.

I turned my attention back to Steph. I loved watching her tits rock with our rhythm. She was moaning loudly. “I love how you fill me… I’m going to cum, keep pounding me.” She had a hard orgasm, and I could feel her pussy bucking on my cock as she came. I loved it! I had this brunette beauty wrapped around my cock cumming on me. I was in heaven! We continued to slide in and out on each other, and she asked if we could move to a chair, her ass on the cement wasn’t super comfortable. We slid apart, and I sat in a chair under the porch. She quickly mounted and began riding me. I massaged and sucked her nipples as she rode me. She rode me cowgirl for a few minutes, but then slid off and repositioned herself to ride me reverse cowgirl. I held her up by cupping her ass cheeks and thrusting upward inside her for a bit, then she proceeded to impale herself on my cock.

Looking at Lisa, Amanda, Matt and Rick, they had changed up again. Amanda and Lisa kept Rick and Matt hard with their mouths, then Lisa mounted Rick reverse cowgirl on a lounge chair. She rode him vaginally, and Amanda alternated sucking Lisa’s clit and Matt’s cock. Lisa stopped riding Rick and asked for the lube.

As I was watching Steph began to cum again. She planted her pussy on my cock and let her orgasm fly. Her pussy bucked on my cock again, and it felt great. As she came, I was watching Lisa lube Rick’s cock, then slowly began sliding down on his cock, this time his cock was slowly stretching open her ass. Amanda stood behind Matt stroking him in anticipation of the DP that was about to happen. Once Lisa had Rick all the way in her ass, she motioned for Matt to enter her pussy. He quickly positioned himself. Amanda lubed him, and guided him into Lisa. It was fucking hot!

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Matt began fucking Lisa with her ass filled with her husband’s thick cock. It wasn’t long till Matt announced his orgasm. He planted his cock inside her. She told him he couldn’t pull out till Rick came, too. Rick began pumping her ass.

Back in the chair, Steph slid off of me, and said, “You better get over there, and give her a third cock!” She pulled me up and stroked my cock as we walked over. I sidled up to Lisa’s head, and she began sucking me. Steph stroked my cock with my tip in Lisa’s mouth. Lisa pulled off and said, “I want everyone’s cum.”

A few more minutes and Rick got there. Matt was giddy, and was telling everyone how he could feel Rick’s cock through her wall when Rick began cumming, Matt pressed in harder. His cum was enveloping his cock in a ring at Lisa’s vaginal opening. Matt said he could feel every time Rick’s cock shot cum into Lisa’s ass. Steph had me close, too.

As Rick’s orgasm subsided. I was ready. Lisa told me to cum on her chest. She smiled as Steph stroked me over Lisa’s tits. I exploded on Lisa, and Steph kept stroking keeping pressure on the underside of my tip to keep my sensations amped up. I spewed a good load onto Lisa, and it looked and felt great!

When I was through spewing, Matt and Rick pulled out. Rick slid out from under his wife, and we all stood over her with our big veiny post-cum cocks. The ladies smeared cum all over Lisa then stroked the cum on their hands into our cocks. Amanda got a gob of jizz and smeared it on Lisa’s lips. Now she had cum at each “hole”. She said to get her phone and take a pic with all three cocks in the pictures. Steph grabbed it from our phone basket and took some pics.

Amanda went down on Lisa, and slurped Matt’s cum out of her pussy. Rick began making out with his wife’s cummy lips. Matt made it back to Steph and they began to kiss. Lisa beckoned me to one side of her and Rick to the other. She stroked and sucked our cocks that were half-deflated, veiny and flexible. We rubbed our dicks all over her face, then her tits, then we got her in a pile drive position and got on either side of her rubbing our dicks across her cummy pussy lips. We all laughed at that.

We had concluded round one, and we all went and sat in the pool. Lisa ran up to the house, shiny with cum to grab some more lube from my room. She reappeared and came back around the corner of the house, and she had a surprise with her… Brinn and Anna!

We saw them talking from afar at the house about 30 yards away as they slowly approached our naked group of swingers. Needless to say, we were all shocked! They said they weren’t coming today! If they had shown up, we still would have gone to fuck town, though. We had been planning this all year.

I put a smile on and met them halfway. They were shocked and nervous. I asked them if they could handle being around the extra naked people, and how long they had been watching.

Anna was the first to pipe up. She said she saw it all. They arrived at the beginning of it. Brinn said she’d never seen anything like it. They were in a state of awe or shock. I asked if they wanted to leave. They both looked at each other, and then Brinn said, “We don’t have to have sex if we stay, do we?” I assured them they could come and go as they pleased, and there was no expectation of participating in any way. Anna then asked, “Are y’all through?” Lisa jumped in and said, “Not by a long shot!”

We all sat down for lunch, and as is tradition during naked fun Memorial Day, we men waited on the ladies and served them lunch. Lisa kept the conversation going with Anna and Brinn. She didn’t want to have an awkward silent lunch. To her credit, she got them asking questions. We all participated in the conversation.

The tension seemed to ease, and there were plenty of humorous moments re-telling embarrassing moments and getting caught by one of Rick and Lisa’s kids. Everyone laughed when she relayed how one of her kids walked in on us once, I was cumming on Lisa, and Rick was buried in her ass in the living room. Lisa talked it out with their kid covered in cum. Her oldest never came home from school without calling first.

The girls asked questions about how we got started, how long we had been swinging together, birth control, etc. They were surprised to find that all the ladies had their tubes tied, Steph the most recent. I was the only guy there that was vasectomy safe. Between all of us, me and Lisa/Rick had over 20 years swinging between us, Amanda was going on three or four years and Steph and Matt a year or two. Anna related that now she understood why we were so comfortable being naked together, and the other day when Lisa gave me a boner the first time they were out at the ranch.

We got through eating, and I was refreshing drinks. We were all naked except for the girls. I will say over lunch there were some boners with all the hot memories recounted. Anna and Brinn continued to ask questions as I refilled Lisa’s drink, she grabbed my cock and began stroking me. Anna asked about jealousies and personalities.

Lisa and Rick relayed a tense time about 5 years into our swinging where they had a misunderstanding with each other, but quickly solved it. They said I was easy, and I was so “go with the flow” they never had issues with me, “Plus,” Rick said, “Jason can fuck and fuck and fuck. I love watching him pleasuring Lisa. I love seeing her getting fucked, and he does it well.” Matt piped up and seconded Rick. I thanked them, but returned the compliment, those guys are the ones that let their wives do me.

Lisa kept stroking me, and then began blowing me and answering questions. She was so nonchalant and the girls could see everyone was comfortable. Eventually, Lisa just concentrated on blowing me. And the table started to clear. Steph and Matt hit the pool. Rick sat and watched, so did Brinn and Anna. They were glued to Lisa sloppily blowing me.

Lisa eventually stood up, and said, “Do you still have the swing in the barn?” I nodded a “yes”. “Go get it, I want to be passed between you and Rick,” she added. So, with hard cock, I disappeared into the barn and came back with the frame and sling a few minutes later.

Rick helped me set it up, and then Lisa mounted up. She asked Rick to lube me up which astonished the girls, but they didn’t look away. I swung Lisa into position and slowly sank my cock into her used pussy. The swing made fucking her easy. It was fun and felt great. After she came on my cock, Rick lubed up and sank his cock into his wife, and then we began alternating. We would switch every couple of minutes. Brinn and Anna’s eyes were glued to us. We could see their nipples through their bikini tops and t-shirts.

We kept passing Lisa back and forth until Rick planted his cock in her and began filling her pussy with another load of cum. As soon as he was done, I quickly switched to keep the cum from running out of her so I could churn that butter. As I fucked her hard, Anna got up from the table and came closer to get a better view. I was making Lisa’s pussy frothy. Rick’s load was big, and a gob of cum had slid off of us, and dropped on the ground. Lisa came again, and by this time, Matt was rock hard, and ready to take my place in Lisa’s pussy. I pulled out and met Rick at Lisa’s face. We laid our cocks across her face as she let her head hang off the swing.

Matt had entered her, and was giving her a good rogering. She kept at our cocks on her face. It was hot to see her face wet from our jizz and her cum. Matt was swinging her on the swing to make his thrusts harder. The sound of him bottoming out in her was audible to all of us. Lisa came hard again, and this drove Matt over the edge. He blew a huge load inside of Lisa’s already overflowing snatch.

Matt pulled out, and Lisa dismounted the swing and gave all of us a kiss. Lisa and Rick went and laid on the big mat by the pool, and I went and sat at the table, still hard.

Amanda had to go, she had to meet her husband and her kids. She came over to me and stroked my cock a few strokes, and then kissed me good bye. She went and hugged Brinn and Anna. She said a farewell to Lisa, Rick, Steph and Matt, then headed out. That left three cocks and two ladies. I got up to get a drink, and Anna followed me behind the bar. “I’ve only seen stuff like this when I watch porn with my boyfriend. I can’t believe what I have seen.” She was looking me in the eyes and then at my cock. I said, “I won’t tell if you won’t” and I nodded to indicate it was ok. I thought she wanted to touch my dick, and I was correct. She put her open hand under the tip and lifted it up, and then rolled her hand over the top, closed her grip and began slowly stroking me. “I don’t want to have sex, but I am super turned on and wet. I just want to feel it.” We both smiled, and I asked her how it felt. She said this was the third cock she had ever handled, and liked playing with it.

As she kept stroking, Steph walked up to the bar and saw her stroking me. She swung around behind the bar and hit her knees. She asked Anna to rub it on her face. Anna began rubbing my tip across her forehead, cheeks, and mouth. Steph and Anna laughed when Steph got up, turned around and asked her to slap her ass with it. Anna did as she was asked. Then Steph asked, “Is it your turn next?” Anna blushed, and said she was just intrigued. Then Steph stood up and Anna knelt. Steph stood behind me grabbed my cock by the base and did the same to Anna with my cock as Anna just did to Steph. She rubbed my dick on Anna’s face.

Then Steph said, “Well, I want to take the swing for a ride, too.” She winked at us, and Anna stood up. Steph gave Anna a hug, and thanked her for giving her the facial. I think Anna was surprised at the hug. I got harder seeing Steph’s boobs flatten out when she was hugging Anna. Even though Anna had her bikini top on, seeing two sets of tits squeezed together was hot in my eyes.

Steph led me over to the swing stroking my cock as we walked over to it. She dropped my cock and I helped Steph get into the swing. She looked amazing hanging there, her big clit and big tits with great nipples were a great visual.

I knelt down and began lightly licking and sucking her clit, and progressed from there. As I continued eating her pussy, her clit got harder and protruded more from her body. I sucked it and tongued her pussy. She was moaning softly and smiling at me. Anna watched from nearby. Brinn was still glued to her seat, but locked on to us.

Steph was super wet after a few minutes of tonguing, fingering and sucking her sweet pussy. She piped up, and said, “I’m ready for that fat cock…” I stood, spun her around and kissed her mouth, then spun her pussy back to me, we laughed, and then I began rubbing my cock up and down her lips. A second later I began pushing my tip into her.

Rick and Matt were now along either side of her watching my cock sink into her. Matt said, “Honey it’s hot watching you take his cock. Are you ready for all three of us?” Steph just moaned as I fed my cock to her hungry pussy and let out a “yes”. Lisa was making the rounds as the slop girl, blowing and stroking the boys.

Steph’s pussy began to open up and we got into a good rhythm, and it was hot to see her nice tits bounce as we fucked. Lisa moved back to the table and sat and watched. Anna sat down next to her.

Matt and Rick began rubbing their cocks on Steph’s tits and face. She readily sucked their cocks. Matt asked for a turn, and I pulled out of her and rotated her around to him. He slid inside her, grabbed her hips, and began pounding her good. He looked at me and said, “You got her good and wet for me.”

Matt pumped and pumped his wife, and me and Rick were stuffing our tips in her mouth. The motion of the swing was fun. A few minutes later, Matt announced he was about to cum. Steph told him to cum on her pussy and stomach. Matt did just what his wife said. He pulled his cock out of her pussy, and began shooting volleys of cum on her mound and stomach.

Once he was done cumming on her, Rick wasted no time swinging her around, lining his cock up with her pussy, and then plunged all 6 inches of his cock deep inside her. Steph was on cloud nine, and in about 10 strokes of Rick’s cock, she announced she was cumming. She asked Rick to pound his cock inside her and hold it in. Rick grabbed her hips and pulled them to him as he pressed his cock inside her as deep as he could go.

Rick described how her pussy was bucking on him as she came. We all knew how she felt when she was cumming, so we knew Rick was getting a real treat. She told him to start fucking her, and he went back to pumping her even wetter pussy. Matt and I knelt on either side of her and massaged and sucked her nipples. I heard Lisa tell Anna if they had another cock around they could stuff her mouth while she was getting her tits sucked. They must have been enjoying the view.

I moved to Steph’s head and began feeding her mouth. Rick and I got into a swing rhythm where we stood still and her swinging motion pumped Rick in and out of her pussy and my tip in and out of her mouth. A few minutes of rocking and Rick was ready to cum. He announced his orgasm, and Steph just moaned out “tits, cum on my tits.” Rick pulled out, we swung her so he was at her side next to her tits, and erupted on her chest. His orgasm was hard enough he got at least three good gobs of cum on each tit. She now had cum on her mound, stomach and tits. She was one hot pearly jizz-covered Momma!

I swung her around and slid back into her. When I bottomed out in her her tits would bounce and the gobs of jizz on her tits started running all over her tits depending on the forward and aft motion of the bounce. It was fun to fuck her and see the jizz running across her pussy, stomach and tits as we moved.

A few minutes later she was close to cumming again, and started directing me, “harder, deeper, faster…”. I did everything she said, and in a couple more minutes she was cumming as I continually pounded her. She started begging for me to cum. “I want your cum! Cover me in your cum! You fuck me so good! You make me cum!” As I kept going, Matt and Rick were rubbing their dicks on her face. Her tongue darted out at their dicks as she moaned.

I finally got to heaven. I gave her pussy a couple of final pumps, and then pulled my cock out of her soaked pussy, aimed it up her stomach, and began to unload on her stomach. My first volley hit her right breast. The rest double coated her stomach with Matt’s jizz.

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Lisa nudged Anna, and motioned a “wank” motion to her. Anna got up and took over stroking my cock. It surprised me, but it was welcome. She grasped my shaft tightly, and Steph’s juices kept me lubed as she stroked every last drop of jizz out of my member. I smiled at her and she smiled back. Brinn had actually moved to this side of the table and was sitting on the other side of Lisa. Anna gave me a peck on the cheek, and then retreated back to Lisa.

I started to move away, but Steph asked me to hold on. Then she asked Matt and Rick to get a pic of her (covered in cum) and get our three cocks in the pic. We happily obliged her.

After the photo was taken, I went and sat next to Lisa at the table. My cock was still stiff, but my tip was deflated. It lay against my stomach as I sat there. Anna sat in the chair around the table nearest to me. Matt and Steph retreated to some of the lounge chairs in the shallow end. Steph did not wipe the jizz off. It just ran down the front of her. Rick took Lisa by the hand and they hit a couple of other lounge chairs.

A few minutes later, it seemed like they were all asleep. Lol. They lay motionless in the sun soaking up the rays. Anna who had been somewhat participative came and stood next to my chair. She faced me, and her bikini bottom was just a little lower than eye level. It was pink, and I could clearly see it was wet right between her legs… she was soaked through. She saw me staring at it, and said, “Yes, I am soaked!” She knelt, and asked if she could… then motioned at my cock. I nodded. I turned my chair to face her. I spread my legs and snuggled her up close to my crotch. I was surprised when she pulled her top down, and let her beautiful C’s flop out over her bikini top. Since she was so close to me, her beautiful breast came to rest on either side of my cock. She grasped my cock with one hand and slowly stroked me. I asked her to “two-hand” me… she did! She began stroking me with two hands, and it was awesome for me. I was being stood straight up, between her tits, and with both her hands on my shaft, I had a little more shaft and my tip sticking up above her hands as she bottomed out on her stroke. The top of her stroke was over my tip, then she would head downward with a firm grip.

After some great stroking, she got up real quick and returned with the lube and coated me and her hands. She stroked me with one or two hands. She was so close, she had lube on her chest, too, when she hugged my cock with her tits. It was a hot sight. Her squeezing and stroking re-inflated my tip, and she got me harder again even though I came minutes before. I couldn’t believe I had this pretty 18 year old with her fantastic skin and great tits stroking my cock.

It wasn’t long and she had me! 99% Of the time I am in total control, but she was the 1%! It happened in an instant, she went up and over my tip, and hit the right nerve, then went back down to my base. I was done, I could feel my sensations rise past the point of no return, and could feel my cock “cocking” and getting ready to shoot. I could feel my jizz moving through me, and boom! I shot a good first shot that hit her chin. Then the following shots landed between my shaft and on her chest below the base of her neck. She was surprised and almost let go. I told her to keep stroking and to run her thumb on the bottom of my tip. She did exactly that! That pressure on my tip made for a great orgasm. Her hands were magic!

I pulled her up in the chair and gave her a kiss. She hugged me and kissed me back. We smiled and laughed. She said, “You got me on the chin.” Then she pulled her bikini bottom to the side and began running her pussy up and down the length of my shaft. Her pussy was soaking wet. It easily glided back and forth on me. We continued to kiss. I wrapped my arms around her, and then stood up. I walked her over to and set her ass on the bar countertop. I began gently sucking and licking her clit. She was instantly responsive. I continued applying more pressure, and then started tonguing and fingering her. She laid her body back on the bar countertop and kept her legs over my shoulders on either side of my head. I was loving this. She tasted great, and she was very responsive. As I ate her, I stroked my cock back to life, and then another hand took over. It was Lisa. She began to blow me, too.

Anna was super wet and moaning. I was tonguing her opening when she sat up and started softly moaning, “Oh God, Oh God, Oh God.” I knew I had her in a good spot, so I kept doing exactly what was causing her to chant. As her orgasm subsided, she sat up and pressed my face into her pussy by grabbing the back of my head. She then released me, swiped my face clean, then asked me to get her bikini bottoms off.

She slid off the bar, and led me to an outdoor couch under the Barn’s awning. We began kissing, and she whispered in my ear, “Are you really (vasectomy) safe?” I nodded in reply, and she said, “I want you inside me.”

I positioned my tip on her wet pussy lips. And began to slowly press into her pretty little pussy. She was tight! I felt like I barely got my tip inside her. I pulled out and slid back in feeding a little at a time. I watched her reaction, and she had her hands on my arms, squeezing everytime I advanced my cock deeper inside her. I finally had almost all of my cock in her, and I just let it sit to feel her. She moaned, “I can really feel how warm your cock is. I’ve never had a man inside me without a condom on… I am so full and stretched!”

We rearranged so we were in a missionary position on the couch. Her legs we spread and wrapped around me. I pressed deep into her, pressing my pelvis into hers. She was moaning as I pushed deep inside her and pulled almost all the way out. She moaned to me, “I’m so full… I love having your cock inside me.” I laid my weight on her and we kissed and writhed with pleasure. Soon she wrapped her arms around me and told me she was cumming. I pressed my cock into her and held still to feel her pussy cum on my hard cock. She moaned loudly as she came. I’m sure everyone was staring and enjoying the view. I continued sliding my cock in and out of her wet, tight pussy, and it was awesome!

I pulled off of her and helped her to her knees on the couch, aimed my cock at her wet pussy, slid back inside her, grabbed her hips, and began going deep in that pussy from behind. As always for me, anyway, I love watching pussy lips slide in and out as they grip my shaft while I am moving in and out of it. Her tight pussy gripped my shaft hard, and her lips were stretching in and out of her with my thrusts. I eventually worked up to good hard pounding thrusts into her sweet snatch. She loved it. She was moaning and pushing back on me as I thrust into her. She liked the hard pounding and she kept telling me to keep pounding her. She began to have hard orgasms as I pounded her. She was multi-orgasmic and wet.

She told me she wanted to ride me, so I picked her up and hugged her body close to mine. I walked us over to the big mat on the side of the pool. Rick and Lisa were at the table talking to Brinn, and not on the mat anymore. I lowered us down to the mat. She was now laying on my body. She rolled off of me, straddled me, and we both aimed our uglies at each other, and she slid down on my cock with an “Ohhhhhhh”.

She laid her weight on me, and we made out as we thrust on each other. It wasn’t long before she was cumming again. I sat up, and we wrapped our arms around each other. We slowed down, kissed deeply and she slowly rode me.

We kept at each other. Sometimes we pounded each other, others we slow fucked. We moved to the shallow end of the pool, and she rode me in the water. I laid her on the edge of the pool, and we loved each other with her on her back and me holding her legs up.

At one point we were back on the mat. She lubed up my cock and I entered her from behind in a spooning position. As we slow fucked in this position, Lisa and Rick packed up and were getting ready to leave, so were Steph and Matt. The guys packed up the swing and frame and put it back in the barn. Is it weird that as we slow fucked and they were preparing to leave we were all talking casually like it was no big deal me and Anna were balls deep on each other. Even Brinn who had been quiet most of the day was an active participant in the conversation. She was relaxed and having a beer.

As Lisa and Steph were leaving, they came over, and Anna and I pulled off of each other. My cock jutted out in front of me, and as I hugged them goodbye, they squeezed and stroked me a couple of times. We all laughed. They hugged Anna, too, and told her how pretty she was in their opinions. They also said the same to Brinn. They hugged them both, and told them how happy everyone was to have them here… a very welcoming good bye to the young ladies. As they were all heading out, Anna pulled me back down to the mat. Brinn pulled up a chair and planted it a few feet away. Anna slid back down on me. She did it slowly and giggled and smiled. “Oh, I love that feeling.” I asked her “What feeling exactly.?” She replied, “I love the stretch, and the feeling of you filling me up, and how warm your cock feels.” She slowly rode me, and we all three started just chatting about the day’s events. We went over the sex swing, sex on the lounge chairs, and all the cum. Anna stopped riding me and told Brinn, “All this talk must be turning Jason on because his cock is getting bigger and harder.” We continued chatting, but we then got to a point where Anna’s pleasure was rising, so was mine. Anna wanted me on top of her, so she stood up, and stood over me. I asked her to ride my face for a moment or two before we switched. She sat her pussy right on my mouth. She let me eat her for about a minute, and said she wanted my cock back inside her.

We repositioned, and I slid back inside her. As I began sliding in and out of Anna, Brinn stripped down, and moved to face us from behind so she could watch my cock sliding in and out of Anna. Seeing her strip made me harder, and definitely caused my sensations to rise. Anna was moaning, and said to keep going she was almost there… I was, too! I began pumping her pussy, and edging myself closer to cumming. A few strokes later Anna announced she was cumming, and I continued pumping her. She moaned through her orgasm and her pussy started sucking on my cock. A few strokes later, I was there. I told her I was cumming, too. She moaned out a “Give it to me, I want to feel it!”

I began to blow inside her, and as I did, I felt a hand on my choach and balls. Brinn was watching and feeling me cum inside her friend. Anna’s orgasm intensified as she felt my cock spasm inside her, and she could feel my warm cum flood her pussy. Brinn massaged my balls as I came. She told Anna, “I can see him cumming inside you!”

I collapsed on Anna, we were a heap of sweat and sex. She wrapped her arms and legs around me, and then grabbed my ass cheeks and held me inside her. We lay together for a bit. Even Brinn laid down next to us on the mat. When I rolled off, the girls sat up, and Anna spread her lips, and Brinn observed my cum at the opening of her vagina. We were all elated. Even though Brinn didn’t participate in any sex, she said her mind was cluttered with all her thoughts. Anna loved me cumming inside her. Her first bareback load of cum. We talked about that, too.

As our euphoria subsided, we got something to eat, and we sat at the bar on the bar stools, completely naked. My cum leaked out of Anna onto one of the stools. She got up and showed us. We laughed and she swiped it off the stool and smeared it on Brinn’s leg. Brinn slid off her stool, and walked over to me. She told me to stand up. She scooched in close, lifted her leg and then to my surprise, she grabbed my hanging cock and used it to wipe my jizz off her leg, then she flicked my tip with her fingers.

She went back to her stool, and went back to eating and talking. We continued to talk about the last couple of weeks, and the events of the day. Brinn thought it was all hot, but she wasn’t sure if the group thing was what she was in to. Anna loved all of it. She told Brinn she should have participated. Brinn said she had no desire to have sex with Rick or Matt even though she could tell the ladies liked the multiple men. She said if she could have three men she was interested in, she might be game, but not with those two. Anna said, “You didn’t exclude Jason.” She answered, “No, I didn’t, but that is complicated, or could be, but no, (she looked at me and smiled) you aren’t excluded.” I said, “You know Brinn, I have never thought of you in a sexual context. You’ve always been my cousin’s pretty daughter, and I have always thought you were a good lady with a good head on your shoulders.” Brinn answered back the same. She hadn’t ever thought of me other than a nice guy that her family hung out with. Then she asked, “How about now?” I replied, “I see you as an attractive, sensual young lady.” She added, “And am I desirable?” I asked her the same question. She answered back, “You weren’t excluded!” We all laughed and continued talking. Anna pointed out my cock grew a little. Brinn smiled at me when she said that. Anna added, “I thought my boyfriend was good in bed till today.” We continued chatting and enjoying each other’s company. Both these ladies were tanned and beautiful. Their blue eyes shone past their tan skin.

We got another drink. More jizz had run out of Anna on the stool, and we left it there and jumped into the pool. The ladies had spent a day in their bikinis and were ready to darken their already tan bodies. So we laid out naked and swam naked. We had a great afternoon and early evening. We later got dressed and hung out in my house.

Anna’s parents invited me to their cookout that evening. Anna and Brinn showed me their over the garage apartment at Anna’s house. The guest list at the “BBQ” were a bunch of well-to-do people, and I think I was the one country boy in the group, but I was treated well and talked to a lot of interesting people… mostly businessmen, lawyers, and doctors. Not really my crowd, but I can talk to anyone, so I had a good time. Anna’s boyfriend was there, and he is a nice guy, too. Anna gave me some winks here and there. Lol. Brinn and I sat together here and there between her meeting the other younger people there. She’s a country girl, too.

This was one hell of a Memorial weekend Saturday. We all had fun.

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