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I was seventeen when I lost my mom. For the next two years, it was just my dad and me. But everything changed when my dad married this beautiful woman, Laila. I got a stepmom.

She was around mid-thirties. She had good breasts and an awesome hip. She was really sweet and the family now felt a bit complete. Initially I didn’t develop any feelings towards her but certain situations led me into nailing her.

Ours is a Hindu family and we go to temples. One such day, the temple was heavily crowded. We were in a queue and she was standing in front of me. The crowd behind was pushing forward. Without any choice, I had to lean on her. She was wearing saree. Whenever there was a push, my hands grabbed her navel entirely. I could feel whole of her butt with my thigh. There was no resistance. I had a hard on and I was literally semi rubbing her ass over the que. She did turn towards me and realised that it could not be prevented. I even managed to massage her boobs. Her skin was soft. Instead of me falling on her, I started pulling her towards myself. My dad was ahead of us, so there was no worry. I literally enjoyed the night and I was sure even she did. We went back home.

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Next day, I checked the laundry basket for her panty and found that it was wetted. She was horny. So, I pretended to leave the home for college and waited my dad to leave. Once he left, I came back and stepmom was in kitchen.

I went to her, grabbed her by her hip, turned her around and kissed her. She resisted and tried to free herself. I pulled her tightly towards myself, grabbed her ass with one hand and her face with other and kissed. My dick was right between her thighs, and again she started pushing away. I turned her around, bent her over dining table, removed her saree, moved her petticoat up and voila, there was her beautiful ass. I unhooked her bra, massaged her breasts and smacked her ass a several times. I bent over her and whispered that she was wet last night. She turned around and whispered that she wanted to know whether I was a man who could handle her and now she has all the confidence. I grabbed her face, kissed her and carried her to bed. I threw her on the bed, removed her panty and petticoat, unclothed myself and went straight to her glory hole. I sucked her pussy wet and she let out the moans. She squeezed my head with her thighs out of pleasure, grabbed the bedsheet, breathing heavily she let out strong moans with twitches in her hip as she orgasmed. I then put my cock into her mouth and she sucked it like a whore. She was breathing heavily, her chest moving up and down. I started fucking her slowly and then picked up pace. The real fun was in doggy style. I spanked her until her ass was red. She was a virgin. Yes, thirty-year-old woman who was virgin. Her pussy was tight ass was wonderful. She loved those spanks. I wanted to cum outside but she wanted it inside.

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Eventually this became a routine. I fucked her day and night whenever there was an opportunity. She became my bitch. Eventually, she became pregnant. The routine chromosome test revealed that the baby was not my father’s. Hence, he divorced her right away and went abroad to work. I took her in and we are a good family now. So, stepmom eventually became my bitch.

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