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Just as the tip of John’s monster cock began its grand entry, I felt my butt hole stretched like never before. Ramesh got back to sucking my tits while John kept whispering in my ears to relax my rear muscles and give him a nod when I am ready.

Now you all already know how adventurous I am to experience new things in sex so I decided to go ahead knowing well that the pain I will endure will be temporary followed by pleasure all the way.

So I pushed hard relaxing my muscles while giving the nod to John to proceed. John gently pushed his monster cock only a little till his cock head entered past my entry walls and quickly pulled out fully.

Thought it hurt a little but his quick pulling out made it so much easier to endure. Then he collected my flowing juices from my pussy and applied it on his condom laced cock and prepared to penetrate me again.

He then tapped my shoulder indicating me to get ready again and I did. This time too he only pushed his cock head inside and stayed still. I felt so good feeling him slide inside with ease causing me negligible pain.

John whispered in my ears asking “let me know when you are fine darling and I will try again”. I turned my face sideways and held his face with my hands kissing his lips.

I said “I am fine now John, just continue as gently as you started. If it gets too painful for me then I will surely tell you”. John signalled Ramesh who had been lying still all the time with his cock inside my butt.

Ramesh began giving me short strokes while John remained still and this itself started triggering thrilling new pleasure sensations thru my body. I turned my head sideways and nodded to John to proceed.

Thankfully he was being a gentleman and with every few strokes that Ramesh gave, he only pushed further very little. John style of penetration made it more enjoyable than painful for me.

In less than a minute I felt his pubes touch my butt. I was super excited now that I had managed to take two cocks simultaneously inside my butt, especially one of them being monstrously huge in size.

How both my studs began ploughing my butt together in a slow rhythmic motion and I was back in cloud 99 thoroughly enjoying every minute of it. Johan again whispered in my ears “are you enjoying this darling”?

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I said “yes John, I am really enjoying this. Please fuck me harder now”. Both of them increased the pace of their strokes but sadly within a few minutes Ramesh ejaculated and slipped out of my butt.

Despite this John continued pumping my butt while I looked sideways for Sharma. He was standing looking at us while stroking his cock which was erect again.

I patted John to stop while I smiled at Sharma. Sharma grabbed another condom while John lay down and I mounted him with his cock in my butt. I stayed still waiting for Sharma to also join in.

Sharma positioned himself behind me and now that my butt was gaping open from the just concluded dual anal penetration session, he entered fully inside smoothly.

Both my studs resumed ploughing me while I saw Ramesh clean himself with tissues and dress up. He sat on one of the chairs watching us. He said “Preeti I have to admit that you are the hottest girl I have ever fucked out of the dozens of women we have been with”.

I smiled at him and said “but I thought Lakshmi maam was everyone’s favourite”. He replied “yes she was but not anymore. She does not have such a sexy and hot body like yours and most importantly she does not have half the appetite to enjoy sex like you”.

I sarcastically said “I don’t believe you, prove it to me”. He laughed loudly and said “the proof is right now in your butt to begin with”. Now John also chipped in “Preeti Ramesh is right, we have been fucking Lakshmi for over 5years now but she has never been able to take two cocks together in her holes”.

I teasingly said “Is that it”? Ramesh replied “no like I said that is for starters. Your sexy curvy body, your natural big boobs and the hunger you have for sex is far more than multiples of what she has”.

Now Sharma too added “The best thing about you is, you don’t fake your feelings and orgasms during sex like most women we have been with. If you enjoy it you show it, if you don’t then you are vocal about it”.

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I was basking in all the compliments my studs were showering me with. Now I felt John hold my hips harder and started giving me hard thrusts from below. Even Sharma increased the intensity of his thrusts.

I thought both of them were nearing their climax but I was wrong. Both went nearly full speed rocking my full body for a very long time giving me one more orgasm.

I was wondering where they got so much stamina from to be ploughing me with so much energy for the second time. Anyways after some time of this dual anal bout Sharma groaned announcing his climax inside my butt.

A few minutes later John also followed with his own climax. Then we all sat down catching our breath. Both Sharma and John still had their spent condoms on with the tips hanging with a big bulge of their cum.

I crawled over to Sharma and removed his condom and drained his cum in my mouth swallowing it followed by John next. All men were staring wide eyed seeing my totally unexpected actions.

Then I sucked both their cocks clean till the last drop. John exclaimed “looks like you are not done yet darling”. I said “no John, it is just that you guys worked so hard on me to cum so much, I just did not want your protein juices to go waste”.

Ramesh very excitedly said “you are incredible Preeti, we have never seen any woman do this before”. I naughtily smiled saying “if you all can continue to make me happy then I promise you many more such exciting times in the future”.

John felt obligated to return my favour, he made me lie down and spread my legs and began eating my pussy for all my juices which continued to trickle out.

After he was done we all got up and got dressed. All of them took out 5k each from their wallets. Sharma and Ramesh stuffed their share in my bra cups while John stuffed his share in my panties.

I thought to myself, while I did not come here for the money, but if I let them off easily now with this then I will no longer remain important compared to the rest of my competition which also included Lakshmi maam.

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I collected the money and plonked it on the table, I looked at all three and said “looks like all the things you said while comparing me with other women was bull shit. Are you insulting me by paying this piddly amount? Is this the last time you want to have me”?

All of them had a shocked expression on their faces. Then Sharma came to me and held my hands, he said “Preeti we genuinely did not mean anything you just said. Please don’t say anything like that again”.

He placed another 5k in my hand along with the money I had put on the table and turned to leave. Next John did the same saying “I am sorry, I did not mean to”.

Then Ramesh also did the same. I pocketed the cash and got ready to leave. John asked “when can we all meet again Preeti”? I said “give me your numbers, I will call you soon” saying this I saved all their numbers on my phone and left from there.

On the way to Khan’s cabin I saw a message from Pankaj asking me if I was free to meet him at his place. I called him immediately, he said “Preeti I have something which might be of interest to you, please come over if you can right now to my house”.

I said “fine Pankaj, give me some time, let me finish lunch and then come to your place”. I reached Khan’s cabin and as expected he asked “Gudiya can I bring Govinda also now”?

I said “no Khan, I am very tired now and want to have my lunch and leave”. He begged again “Please Gudiya, at least can I have a chance? I promise I will not ask for more”.

I said “ok fine, but give me half an hour to have my lunch and take rest, then I will call you”. He gave me that million dollar smile. I went inside his cabin and put the money in my bag when he entered.

To be continued…

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