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( Rubina laughed ) oh I see my mom you are breastfeeding your child now ” I swallow her breast as Rubina took my cock in her mouth and starts sucking it hard with her mouth giving a nice blowjob, Uzma’s vagina is fully aroused as it’s hole is wider and why not! She has a daughter of 18 years, so long experience with lots of fuck have made it.

I am sitting on sofa and now removed her ( Rubina ) undergarments to make her nude as left Uzma’s breast and now Rubina is giving a hard blowjob ” oh aah uh um you are too hot and sexy ” and then she took out my penis as sits near me, I took out my fingers from Uzma’s vagina as both mom and daughter have stretched their legs, so I sits on floor and put my hand on Rubina’s vagina ” oh you both need my love on vagina ” as I put my mouth on Rubina’s vagina, starts kissing it hard as her vagina is soft with reddish labia, she put her fingers to open its hole and then I pushed my tongue in it to lick but it’s a virgin, vagina never got fucked so it’s flexibility is low and my tongue is on her clitoris as I am licking it ” aah uh um lick it I will cum soon ” and then I hold her labia in between my fingers as started pressing it hard ” oh no Garry aaah uhh it’s over ” and then I put my tongue again to taste her cum. So I took refreshment as I came there to see them preparing drinks and I have put a towel on waist, sits near Uzma as we three starts drinking whiskey and then I lit a cigarette to smoke, Uzma is looking at me and asked ” will you lick my cunt

( Rubina said ) yes but we will feel comfortable on bed ” and after we finished our drink we are on bed, I slept as Uzma now sits on my face with her buttocks bit up and my face is in between her thighs, so I put my hand on her waist as lifted my face up to kiss her vagina, it’s a flexible vagina as my tongue moves inside it and I was licking her cunt with my hand moving on her buttocks, now I can feel my penis in Rubina’s mouth and Uzma is screaming in pleasure ” aah oh uh um Garry fuck me soon ” and I was licking her hole fast as her daughter is sucking my penis, soon Uzma looked back ” Rubina now I have to suck Garry’s cock please leave it for me ” and then Uzma is on my top with her face towards my penis and butts on my face, it’s a reverse doggy position, I was too hot as I opened her ass hole and put my tongue to lick it, Uzma took my cock and starts sucking it fast as we both are enjoying oral sex.

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I have put my legs straight as Uzma is on my top and now as she was sucking my cock my tongue moves inside her vagina as I starts licking it with my hand on her buttocks, she is giving me a nice blowjob and I can see Rubina on bed with legs stretched as she is putting some lubricant in her vagina and soon Uzma’s cunt become wet as I tastes her cum and then I took refreshment as I was back on bed to see Rubina there, ” Garry will you put some contraceptive pills in my cunt or

( I smiled ) why not, if you want ” and then Uzma took out a contraceptive pill as I sits near Rubina’s waist, took pill from her as I put my finger in her vagina as it’s too hot and starts rubbing it hard ” aah uh oh it’s not good Garry put pills inside

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( I took out my finger as I pushed pill in it ) baby don’t be scared as you will feel pain also but it’s natural darling ” and as I pushed pill in her vagina, I sits near her face now hold her breast as put my face on it, it’s a hard and nice breasts as I swallow it to suck, Rubina is lying on bed as her hand holds my cock to jerk but I have put long lasting spray on it to keep my cock in erection for a long time, twice my cocks get sucked as I licked their cunt and sucked their breasts also, so Rubina pushed my face as her face turned reddish and now I sits in between her thighs as she stretched it, so hold my cock as I can see her vagina and soon I pushed my glans in it, Uzma is sitting near her daughter as she is caressing her breast ” baby it will pain but you will enjoy after it ” and then I slowly pushed my cock but my 14 cm long and 5 cm thick cock has got little space and then I hold her waist as I fucked hard ” oh mom it’s hurting, your cock will tear my cunt aaah be slow ” and then my cock was in her vagina but 1/3 Rd was out of it, it’s a virgin vagina as I was penetrating my cock hard and I can see Rubina’s eyes full of tears as her mom is sucking her breast, I was pushing my cock hard but vagina’s depth is not enough to swallow my cock, after girls or ladies get aroused it’s depth enhances but her hole is novice to get a cock, so my penis is feeling better in it as she is screaming ” aaah oh uh it’s burning ” but Uzma then took her daughter’s lips to suck as I was fucking her hard, soon I felt cum in her vagina as I took out my penis ” rub some ice on it, it’s burning ” as Uzma moved to dining room and I hold her breast to press ” baby it’s nice that you have lost your virginity but no blood in your cunt

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( Uzma starts rubbing ice on her vagina as I am rubbing her sexy body ) nice but will get cum in my hole

( Uzma smiled ) nice little pain and then only pleasure especially with Garry ” and then she walked to washroom as I slept on bed, Uzma now hold my cock as she swallows it and starts sucking it, soon Rubina was there ” oh mom leave it for me, I want to get fucked ” and Rubina slept on bed, Uzma left my cock and now she also slept beside her daughter as I hold my cock and pushed it into Rubina’s vagina as I starts fucking it ” Uzma after an hour you will get your fuck

( Rubina is comfortable while getting fucked ) sure you have made my daughter a confident girl as she was scared of losing her virginity ” and it’s Rubina’s vagina who is getting fucked as I leaned on her to kiss her face, she is rubbing my back as I was pounding her vagina hard, ” aah uh yes it’s hot fuck fuck my friend fuck I will be with you soon ” but my cock starts ejaculating cum in her vagina as I kissed her and took out my penis…

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