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Radha informed me that one of her friend’s son will stay with us for couple of days, since he has shifted to Bangalore recently. I know for what she is up to next and agreed to her. In evening the doorbell rang, I opened the door. There stood a boy who was young and handsome, tall medium build bit bulky. I recognize that he was the student of my wife, he introduced to me. “Hi sir I’m Sai ( name changed ), Radha mam’s student” I greeted him inside, and my wife arrived from room to greet him. They hugged in front of me, Radha introduced me to him, we had a good chat and boozed together and finished with dinner. I saw them chatting and later I bid him a good night and went to sleep. I woke up at night and wanted to pee, I heard some noise from the other room. I approached the room door; it was half closed I opened the door. There I was stunned to see that my wife and Sai hugging and smooching each other like lovers. I saw my wife wearing half trousers, and sleeveless top, she was looking even more ravishing and stunning, my cock made a rise in my inner wear. I overheard their conversation…

Radha : I missed you a lot dear, it’s been so long after seeing you
Sai : I too missed you aunty you are as sexy as before, why did you call me to stay here?
Radha : My hubby did not had sex with me I’m really sex starved I want to teach him how to keep a woman satisfied.
They were madly kissing each other. I was observing that slowly Radha removed his shirt, and rubbing his chest. He looked like he hits gym regularly, he was perfectly toned for any woman can fall for him. I saw him pressing her boobs hardly with his big hands, squeezing her big, hot ass smooching so did she to him. Their bodies were visible in the dim light, I made a creak sound so she turned towards me. She responded to me very casually…
Radha : come in dear, please don’t panic,
Me : what are you both doing?
Radha : We are making love dear, just sit over there and watch us.
I sat on the sofa and She turned towards him and said “my hubby is good man but he doesn’t know what is love making let me show him tonight”. She bends down and removed his track down. She saw his boxers with a huge bulge, it was so big that it would tear his undies apart. I was damn that he would do wonder tonight, she kissed on her bulge. “Aaahhh…. It’s so nice aunty” he moaned with his soft voice. She exclaimed “I am so curious of how big are you dear, let me see it” He said “go ahead”. She now held on to his waist band and slowly removed his boxers and saw his cock twitching up and down. It was enormous in size almost 8 inches in length and 5 inches in girth, he did not have any foreskin and had recently shaved his pubic hair. His cock was dark in color like a black mamba, his testicles was as big as tennis ball. My wife was shocked to see such a big penis in her life, she saw me and asked “did you see how big it is?” She was admiring his cock, she slowly licked his dick head. “Aaahhh… Oohh… Fuck you bitch” he moaned. Each touch of her hands made his cock gain maximum erection. The veins in his cock were clearly visible.

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Radha : Oh My God it’s so big my love, you hid this in your boxers?
Sai : Yes, do You like it aunt?
She : your cock can do wonders Sai, its much much bigger than my hubby’s his is 4 inches.
What he is double of my size. I looked helpless but I decided to stay and watch the fun.
She : It’s so adorable. Can I touch it?
He : Yes, please aunt?

She touched her penis, he was singing his moans, slowly she began to stroke his big black cock with her small hands. I realised how stupid I was to deny to enjoy with my wife. She was continuing to handjob him for 10 minutes and he did not cum even once. She said “my hubby cummed within 5 to 10 minutes dear but you are crazy”. She stood up and removed her sleeve. She did not wear bra, her boobs was visible like a big pumpkin. The veins were clearly visible nipples hard and stiff. I was aroused now; I removed my pant and stroked my small cock. He saw her nipples and sucked it slowly taking it in his hands. “Aahhh.. Mmmm… Ya Sai suck it…. It’s wonderful” she moaned biting her nipples.

Sai : Oh my god your boobs are bigger than I imagined
She : is it so dear… You are a great admirer than my hubby please enjoy it
he sucked her nipples as she was stroking his BBC ( big black cock ) I cummed little. He carried her in his arms like baby and placed over the bed. He removed her trouser and saw her panty which was now wet due to her precum. He undressed her completely, both were naked in front of me. I could not tolerate but I did not have an option. He saw her clean-shaven pussy, and placed his tip of his tongue to the opening of her vagina. She moaned louder this time “aaaahhhhhhh…. Shit……. Fuck my damn pussy”, damn my wife’s pussy is so wonderful than I saw earlier. He replied “there is still time aunt, let me enjoy the foreplay” and started to lick her cunt with his enormous big fuckin tongue. I could clearly see his long tongue making a momentum. He was an expert in that, I did not even attempt to suck her pussy, but he is making her cunt more sluttery. Every suck of his tongue made her go more crazy, and she cummed again and again like a spray, he tasted her cum and complimented her it was tasty, both were out of the world, He inserted his index finger inside her pussy and teased her glory hole “aahhh.. Mmm.. Yaa… Sai you are making me go mad” he was inserting his fingers and licking her pussy. My wife was never experienced such kind of immense pleasure. She pleaded him “please don’t tease me my love put your dick inside my love hole and fuck me please”. He placed her in missionary and placed his dick over her pussy and rubbed her clitoris and slowly pushed his dick head in her cherry cunt. She exclaimed “Oh my God fuck it is so thick, please stop, I have not experienced penis for the last many months and your is so thick Sai”.

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He stopped and after few minutes she said, “now continue”. He gave a very gentle push, around one inch went inside her, she gives an aahhh… Fuck moan. Then he gave another push and this time more than half of his over eight inches of manhood went inside, she moaned “aaaaaaahhhh.. Yaaa…. Aahhh… Yyyaaaa”. Another gentle push and it was in a little more. She was crying out in pain since her vagina had never taken anything so big and it was tearing in. She was crying out now in pain, “nnooooo…. Please no….. Please don’t stop it please….. It’s so fuckin awesome….. Don’t leave me please don’t….. Its paining but its mind blowing me”. He continued to fuck her slowly and moaning heavily. I was lying quite with my eyes closed and stroking my dick. He saw my dick and smiled, now he gave a hard push so that entire 8 inch of his cock went inside. “Aaahhh… Sai….. Aaaahhh… You are the real fucker, now fuck me hard you savage beast” she moaned, and encircled her legs around his back and pulled him forward and Sai gave a long kiss while penetrating his meat pole through her vagina.

After few minutes he started to fuck her with ease, and started to fuck her hard she experienced all sorts of pleasure in her body. Sai kept on pistoning his cock in and out of her pussy like race car engine. She was already wet and started to leak her juices from her love hole. The room was filled with sort of sound phat phat phat phat!! When his balls were hitting her outside cunt. He was drilling her so perfectly, that she was wanting more of it. She insisted him “please keep going Sai, I fell I am gonna cum again” my wife just had her orgasm a minute ago and again she is in brink of having a orgasm again, even I could not make her cum like he did, he was continuing to fuck her, within 15 minutes she had multiple orgasm and cum on the bed. He changed to doggy style and grabbed her waist towards him and fucked her so well that his cock was moving in and out of her glory hole and stretched to its limit. He held her hair back and sucked her lips eyes, nose, neck completely enjoying her.

I could notice her frail pussy was now a big tunnel due his thick manhood opened up, He was humping harder and harder. He too was moaning in his excitement and the whole room was filled with theirs love moaning sounds and the sound of his torso hitting her groin. They both were sweating profusely, she was panting heavily, maybe due to his strong continuous fuck. He whispered, Radha bitch.. I fantasize having sex with you. Hearing this, she smiled with tears and became hornier and cummed again. I lost counts of how many times she cummed, but he did not cummed even once, damn this guy has a plenty of stamina enough to fuck the whole night. They changed to cowgirl and she humped on his BBC singing the moans. “Aahhh.. Aahhh… Aahhh…. Yyaa… Yyaa.. Yyyaaa…” It made him hornier, and was enjoying her to the fullest. He lifted her in his arms and she helped his cock to enter her wet cunt, he again humped harder and harder. He was built like a bull, after 5 minutes he put her on bed and he increased his pace, within few seconds he discharged his load of cum inside her cherry cunt. I noticed that she felt her whole vagina was filled up by his fertile cum and the extra discharge was coming out and mixed with her own cum making big patches on the bed sheet, his sperms were so thick and smelt like a bleach, his cock was still inside her pussy. He felt on her breast sucking her nipples. They were grasping for breath. She opened her talk “For the first time I felt like a complete woman, completely satisfied. It was a great fuck for the first time in my life Sai, hope that my hubby has learnt how to fuck a woman and keep her satisfied” and turned towards me. She thanked him a lot. His 6 inches limped penis came out of her wet vagina, it was covered with mixture of both juices even his limped cock was much bigger than my fully erect. He was still cumming and placed his cock on her face and stroked fast and cummed a lot on her face. She sucked his cock like a bitch and said “your sperms are so thicker and tasty mmm… Aahhh…” She exclaimed.

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I carried myself to the hall crashing myself on the couch, I could hear moaning sounds of my wife after 20 minutes. The animal was awake again, they resumed their love making the whole night. In the morning I went to see my wife, she was sleeping on his chest hugging him tight, there were cum stains on her and the room smelt cum odor. He fucked my wife for another 2 days and filling his man cum deep inside her womb. When he was leaving He thanked me for everything, and thanked me for letting my wife to have sex with him. Within couple of months my wife became pregnant again and she is going to deliver baby and Sai being its biological father.

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